Adrenaline kicks in

As a smile is drawn across his face

A soft shade of purple

Smeared precisely over his swollen cheeks

The summit is near

The time has come

Slipping slowly through the cascading darkness

My face shines in the light

And shimmers with the hope of a new dawn

The night simmers into darkness

As if turned up and down by the switch of a light

Under the weight of the night

Nothing stirs

Or so it seems

Wisps of hair whip across his face

As this moment

This sheer instant

Is drawn to a close

Intently watching the scene

The stage is set

The curtain is drawn

The moment is over in an instant

As this perfect life is dropped into the rapids of dawn

A dawn meant to be so beautiful

Is flagrantly on fire

In a moment that was so right

His went wrong

Waves of pain rush through his mutilated body

As his head collides with the compacted windshield

Blood flows freely from his unconscious body

As he falls to the floor

In a heap of pain

An instant of sorrow

A lifetime of remembrance

The same assiduous wind blowing across my smiling face

Was the same wind high above his burning body

Fueling the torture

Making this nightmare even more agonizing to rethink

Memories throb through my aching heart

Forcing themselves upon me

Cutting like double edged razors into my once so happy face

It's hard to believe that a night so perfect

Could end so carelessly

All I can wish

Is that it ended in a moment of fun

An instant of rebellion

A twist of pain

A taste of death