Life seems so meaningless

There no peace, from this constant sadness

Always aware that no matter what…cursed

To be alone

Life is one big blur

Yet special moments will happen

But It snatched once again

From my grasp

To many people to give up on

So I plaster my smile

But inside I'm crying

Inside I want to be let free

Inside I'm crying

I just want to be free

Yet I keep smiling


At the end of the day

I'm just crying


Yet I keep that to myself


No need to bring others pain


So ill keep on smiling

So I won't hurt you

Can't stand the day

When I will hurt you

When my smiles just fade away

And my truth will become known

The day I stop smiling

You will know

I tried

But yet again I failed

To make you happy

I let you down

I gave up on


That day I kept my smile from you

That fake useless smile

That tore me in two

Sorry I'm not strong enough

I left you when you need my smile the most

Now I left you with just a letter

To say I wanted u to be happy without me

No need for my fake smile

Don't cry for me

Smile and move on

No need to love a coward

Who left you with just a letter?