"Sacred Night,"

By Emily Johnson

She made her was across to the balcony, with short, quivered steps. A man stood in front with his back towards her. Cameron continued to walk, approaching Jai with soft steps.

She swept her hand across his broad shoulder. Jai turned around, his eyes piercing through her soul. He was her only soft spot; her Achilles' heel. She would have only gotten into a dress for him.

She touched Jai's chiseled cheek and kissed him softly, the pressure of his lips erupting inside of her. Cam ran her fingers through his hair and remembered its soft, sleek touch.

They passed a smile, without a word spoken. Jai took hold of Cameron's waist and held her close to him firmly. Jai let go of her, leaning down onto one knee whilst holding her eyes on him.

"Cameron Joan Parker?" Jai almost questioned Cam's presence.

She didn't speak.

"Will you marry me?" Jai's sweet charm was almost as persuading and his smile.

Cameron gasped. A tear slid down her cheek smudging the foundation on her face. Jai stood, wiping the tear from his lover's soft skin with his thumb. She looked up at him, enchanted by his touch.


A/N: The last word is French for naturally, or of course. That sort of phrase. This piece was written in about 10 minutes hence it's length. I was bored and punched this out. Which is rather unusual for me. Please pick up on any mistakes I may have missed and enjoy.