I'm in a angsty mood, so I wrote, I wrote this, tell me what you think and if it needs improving tell me!


He didn't need to be told again,

He could tell,

The screams,

The cries,

The feeling in the pit of his heart,

She had died,

He only love,

Her pale body,

Caked in blood,

Her long raven hair flowing,

Her green eyes,


Frozen in a hollow stare,

That stare,

That horrible,

Despicable stare,

That digs deeper and deeper into your mind,

It forever stuck in his mind,

His life,

Unless he ends it now...

The knife is heavy in his hands,

He takes on last look,

A look at the photo,

The photo of her,

His wife,

His beautiful,

Graceful wife,

He screams,

The blade,

The long,


Black blade...

Darkness surrounds,

It encircles him,

He's floating upwards,

He's losing the fight,

He can hear the calls from his family,

But he doesn't care,

He sees her!

She looks just the same,

With her long black hair,

Her pale skin,

Her red lips,

Suddenly he falls,

She screams,

And this man,

This poor,

Dammed man falls,

He falls to the black hole...

He's surrounded in pits of fire,

The hellish smells unbearable,

He is never to see her again,

He is to die a horrible death,

Over and over again,

He can never touch her again,

Run his fingers through her hair again,

He is forever stuck in the pits of the doomed,