These poems probably reflect my crappiest work, but that's OK. They are merely light-hearted happy works meant to make you smile.

Plain Janes do not have bodies
No worries of one-night stands
Or rejection upon refusal.
They will be loved
For who they are.

Plain Janes have no reputation
They sail safely through life
Free from scrutiny
So what if they f—k up?
No one notices.

Plain Janes aren't expected of
This makes their achievements,
Their aspirations,
Their lives,
All the more amazing.

Plain Janes are not brilliant
Ivy-league pressure
Isn't there.
Just being smart enough
Is good enough.

Plain Janes are not popular
They choose their friends
Delve into many social groups
And find love everywhere.

Plain Janes are not hot
Which gives them a chance
To be beautiful.

Plain Janes are not amazing

Plain Janes are plain
Thank God.