Have you ever woken up and just knew that the rest of the day was going to be miserable? Yeah, well, that's what I had today. It really sucked. First, I woke up late. Second, I missed the school bus. I really need to get my own car. I'm 17 for heavens sake. Third, I couldn't get my locker to open on the first time around. That's also a sign for a bad day. At least for me it is. Fourth, I forgot my homework at home. How am I to remember it when I was running late around the house this morning? Then I got "the speech" from my math teacher. You know, the one that says just because you are a senior, that doesn't mean you should slack off. I don't slack off. Dude, the teacher acts like I do that all the time. I don't…at least not in his class… Anyway, my list went on and on and on. I just knew that today was going to suck!

Right now, I'm eating some of my best friend's lunch. I also forgot my lunch at home this morning. I'm lucky to have such a good friend like her. She is always there for me. I've known her since the sixth grade. I've watched her grown from cute kid to the beautiful goddess that she is today. Well, compared to me she is. With her professionally styled long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a body that looked good in any piece of clothing. She could make a dirty rag look good.

I'm so…plain compared to her. My shoulder length brown hair that was hard to tame. With a nose that was a little to big for my liking and other things. I don't want to tell you them because I'll feel bad. I have a low self-esteem. So, what? But my best features are my dark brown eyes. People, mostly my best friend, say that whenever I look at them with my dark eyes, it's as if I were looking right through them and into their souls. I guess they are okay.

"Evelyn Ann Smith," said a voice right next to me, waking me out of my dream state.

I looked to my right and saw that it was my best friend, Karen. She was looking pretty pissed on, not off, at me. Get it? Yeah, I know that my jokes suck. I won't quit my day job. Wait…I don't even have a job.

"Did you even hear a word I was saying?" Karen asked. So it was you who was making a buzzing noise while I was in my dream state. I thought it was a bug buzzing around. Oops.

"Sure, Karen Pollyanna Nicholson," I mocked, not knowing what else to say.

She cringe her nose in disgust. "Don't you ever say my middle name out loud ever again."

"Don't ever say my middle name out loud again," I retorted.

"I was calling you for like the past hour," she said. "Stop your day dreaming." Lunch is not even for an hour.

"Stop your ranting, Karen." Suddenly, an evil idea popped into my head. I took a cookie and held it out to Karen. "Pollyanna want a cracker," I squawked like a bird. "Pollyanna want a cracker." Yeah, I can be a mean friend at times.

She grabbed the cookie roughly out of my hand and threw it. It hit some boy while he was walking by. The boy quickly turned toward her and evilly glared. Karen just ignored him. Eventually, the boy walked away.

"Don't ever do that again," she yelled at me. My ears! The pain! "Stupid parents," she cursed her parents for giving her that middle name. Honestly, I don't understand her problem, I've heard worse.

"Don't worry Karen," I said, while giving her an 'I'm sorry hug.' "I was only joking with you."

"Whatever," she muttered icily, not hugging me back. She looked down at her watch and her blue eyes widen. "I have to go," she said while jumping off the bench.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"I have to go to the library," she said, "I'm meeting my history partner there. Bye." She walked off, leaving me all alone.

Hmmm… What to do now? I'm so bored… I got up off the bench and started heading towards the library. Curiosity got the best of me. Who is her history partner? I didn't even know that she had a history project. I ignored the noisy teenagers in the hallway and finally reached the library.

I found her sitting at a far table with one of them. You ask what is one of them. To other people, besides me, they look like a person. But I know that they are not human. They look human, but they aren't. My gut tells me that they are not. You know what I mean? Well anyway, always trust your gut feelings.

There were three of them at the school. One was preppish and the other three were goth/punk/emoish. (AN: I don't mean to offend anyone.) Surprisingly, nobody cared that they all hung out with each other, considering the way schools are nowadays.

Karen sat across from a boy with baggy, black clothing and had many ear piercings and an eyebrow ring. He had green eyes and green hair. Some people say that his hair is dyed. I don't agree with them, it looks too real. Hence why I think he is one of them. Who do you know that was born with natural green hair? No one. Thank you.

Karen started laughing at something green-haired boy said. They were getting along a little too friendly for my liking. Why is he looking at her like that? Looking at her like she is the only person in the room. Maybe I was imagining that, but I didn't care. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously at him anyways. I should go over there. No, not should, I AM going over there right this instant.

I walked by tables filled with teenagers lounging around and secretly eating. I finally reached their table and both looked up at me. Karen looked at me suspiciously and green-haired boy raised an eyebrow. How does he do that? I can't, but anyways…

"Am I bothering you?" I asked as I sat down next to Karen.

Green-haired boy was about to speak, but Karen beat him to it. "No, not at all," she said a little too cheerfully. "Why are you here?"

I shrugged. "I was bored. So I came to see if you needed any help." I turned to the green-haired boy. He looked amused and yet annoyed at me for being there. "Who are you?"

"His name is Taite," Karen answered for him.

"Taite…" I repeated his name. "That's different."

"Evelyn," snapped Karen, knowing what I was doing.

"I'm not from around here," the green-haired boy named Taite said. I noticed that he had a deep voice. It was soothing.

"Oh," I said curiously, "where are you from?"

"Nowhere near here," he said.

"Ahhhh." I turned my attention back to Karen. Wow. She was practically foaming at the mouth. Since I've already got her mad, maybe I should keep going. Should I? Hell yeah. "So Taite," I said, turning back towards him. "You even go to class?" Steam from Karen's ears came into my view.

"Some classes I go to," he answered.

"Why do you go to History class?" I asked, already knowing the answer to the question.

His eyes quickly darted to Karen and then back to me. "It has its perks."

I glanced at Karen, who was completely oblivious to the fact that he was talking about her. "I bet it does." Stupid son of a bitch. Hey, I'm over protective with my friends. So sue me. I just don't want to see my best friend get hurt.

He smirked challengingly at me, knowing that I knew what the 'perks' were. So, green-haired boy has a back bone. Well, two can play at that game, mister. "What are-"

"Evelyn Ann Smith," Karen rudely interrupted me. I glared at her. Why did she have to use my middle name? Oh well. I evilly grinned at her. Her eyes widened, knowing what I was about to say. She tried covering my mouth, but I kept dodging her hand. "Karen Polly-"

Brrrrrrriiiiinnnnnngggg. The bell went off, singling the end of lunch. Damn bell. Karen sighed in relief. She was literally saved by the bell. She gathered her things together and looked at Taite. "Bye," she said. She walked right by me, not once acknowledging my presence.

"Good-bye to you too," I yelled sarcastically at her retreating form.

"Bye," Taite called after her. He turned toward me. "Nice meeting you, Evelyn."

"Whatever," I said, "you too." We both went our separate ways once we got out of the library.

The rest of the day slowly dragged on and nothing interesting happened. Finally, when the bell rang, ending school for the day, I and along with the other students practically ran out of the classroom.

Karen wasn't at our usual meeting spot, at the tree in front of the school. That meant that she was still mad at me. Don't worry though; she'll get over it by tomorrow. It was always like that between us. Enemies one day, friends the next. No car ride home from Karen. Out of the both of us, she's the only one with a car.

I took the crowded bus, but managed to find my own seat. The bus ride took forever…well not really, only about 10 minutes. But it seemed forever. I'm a very impatient person. I guess you can tell by now.

Finally, I arrive at home. The house was quiet, both of my parents were at work and my little brother was at daycare. I walked up the stairs to my room. I had to feed my two pet goldfish. I know, not an ideal pet for a seventeen year old girl. My parents don't really trust me with live animals. Just like with Bob, my old pet hamster. I forgot to feed him once…okay, maybe it was more than once…But who's counting. I fed Star and Goldie and then headed down the stairs to the dining room table to do my homework. How exciting!

The rest of the night was a total bore. So I'll keep it short. I finished my homework, watched some TV, helped my middle school teacher mom with dinner, argued with my lawyer dad about nothing in particular, watched some more TV, helped give my little brother, Danny, a bath, and went on messenger on the computer. I would usually talk with Karen, but she was mad at me today. I really need more friends.

When I was about to go to bed, the phone rang. "I'll get it," I yelled to my parents and picked up the phone. "Hello."

"So are you going to the school dance or what?" asked a very familiar voice, Karen. Is she still mad with me?

"I totally forgot about that." Honestly, I did forget.



"You are going!" she ordered. Still mad.

"You are very demanding, you know that."

"Just answer the question."







Ten minutes later.





"Fine," I interrupted her, "I'll go." I was tired of saying no.

"Good," she said and hung up on me.

The hell…you call to see if I'm going to some stupid dance and you get angry some more at me. Then you hang up, expecting that everything will be fine. What am I saying, everything well be fine. That was the way Karen was and I loved my best friend because of it. Strange, but true.

I snuggled into my comfortable bed and hoped that tomorrow will turn out differently than today.