Chapter Two

"Evelyn," said Karen, as we were walking together down the school hallway. The fight we had yesterday was over and done with—forgotten. Our fights were always like that. We weren't best friends for nothing. "Let's go shopping after school. The dance is tomorrow."

"What?" I said. I hated dress shopping. Not only did I hate dress shopping, I hated shopping in general. PERIOD. "Can't I just borrow something of yours?"

"You won't fit in my clothing."

"Hey! I would too."

"I was only joking, Evelyn. Anyways, I want to go shopping for a new dress."

As the time approached closer to the start of class, more and more students were in the hallways. Taite was among the sea of students, leaning against his locker. As we walked by, the green-haired boy smiled at us—more so at Karen, than me.

"Sooooo, Karen," I said in a sing-song voice, while elbowing her. "What's going on between you and Taite?"

Karen blushed and muttered, "Nothing."

"Whatever you say."

We stopped in front of my first period class—History. "See you at lunch," Karen before she walked off to her class.

Was there something going on between those two, I wondered as I walked to my desk in the back of the classroom. I never thought that she would like someone like him. He was not normal. He was one of them. Couldn't she see that? And what happened the whole best friend—I tell you who is my crush and you tell me yours—whole thing.

I sat down in my chair as the bell for class began to ring. The teacher walked into the noisy classroom five minutes late. The teacher, Mr. Brushimer, was in desperate need of Rogaine for his balding head. Thick black glasses were perched on his nose on his chubby face. His stomach was spilling over his black dress pants. Eww, gross. He was definitely not on the top hot teacher list.

He put his briefcase down by his desk and stood in front of it, leaning against it. "Morning class," Mr. Brushimer said.

Crickets could be heard chirping in the silent classroom.

"Well," he continued, "where were we yesterday?" I hated when teachers asked that. They know where they left off. They're the ones who made up the agenda for the day. "Ah, yes. The Bubonic plague swept all through Europe…"

Snooze. Not that history was boring or anything. Actually, it was my second favorite subject at school. Psychology was the first. It's just that Mr. Brushimer talked in monotone. He kind of reminded me of that one guy on the TV commercials for that eye dropper stuff. "For dry, red eyes…"

"Class, this is Ty Syton, our new student to the school" said Mr. Brushimer, waking me from my day dreaming. Day dreaming should be a sport. The longer a person day dreams, without being distracted by those of the "real world," would be the winner. I'd so win, piece of cake. Yum, cake sounds good, especially chocolate cake.


I quickly shook my head. "Umm, yeah?"

"Please be so kind to raise your hand so Mr. Syton knows where he is going to sit."

"Oh…" I raised my hand.

"You may sit," he said to the new student.

The student, Ty Syton, made his way down the aisle of desks. He had shoulder length black hair with bright red streaks in it. If you just glanced at him, his eyes were a light blue color. But if you looked closely, they were almost a silver color. His eye color stood out against his tanned skin. He wore a nice tight, fitted red shirt and black, baggy bondage pants. Part of a tattoo could be seen on his arm, the rest hidden by his shirt sleeve. His eyebrow was the only piercing on his face. He was good looking, but there was something about him that seemed different—deadly even.

I shook my head. Oh, yeah, he was definitely one of them.

He sat down on my left and Mr. Brushimer continued talking about the bubonic plague. When the bell rung, everyone quickly go up and left. Second period was Trigonometry. That class was number one of my least favorite class list. Math was evil, I tell you. EEEVVVIILLL. I'm amazed I survived this long. After what seemed hours, the bell ring, signally that it was lunch time.

I walked out of the classroom and towards my locker. Karen was already at hers. "Are you in the library again with Mr. Crush," I asked.

Karen glared at me and slammed her locker shut. That was the only method for making it stay closed. "No, not that I know of."


"Come on," she said, leading me to our lunch spot outside.

"You're awfully quiet," I said, after I finished chewing on my sandwich. "Not that it bothers me, you know. You need to shut up once in awhile." Karen glared me at. "Anyways, you okay?"

She sighed. "I don't know."

I waited for her to elaborate, but she didn't. "You want to talk about it."

"No, not really." Ouch.

"Ok…fine. Guess what?"

"What?" she asked.

"Chicken butt." She looked at me funny.

"Karen," a voice called.

We both looked to the right. Taite was coming towards us. The new student was right behind him.

"I knew it," I said triumphfully.

"Knew what?" Karen asked.

"You see that boy who is with Taite."

"Yeah….he's cute."

"What! He is not." Not that I would admit it out loud. "He's with Taite."


"He's with Taite," I repeated slowly, hoping that she would finally get it.

"I see that…" Karen looked away from the two guys, glaring at me. "This isn't going to be another rant on how Taite and his friends and probably this new kid aren't normal." She put normal in quotations with her fingers. "You're the one who is not normal."

"Whatever," I hissed under my breath as Taite and Ty reached us.

"Hey," Taite said, taking a seat next to Karen. "What's up?"

"The sky."


Karen glared at me before looking back and Taite. "Who's your friend?" she asked.

"This is Ty," he said, "he's new."

Ty nodded.

"Ty," Taite continued with the introductions. "This is Karen and —."

"Evelyn," Ty said.

Karen looked towards me. "You two know each other?"

I shrugged. "We have history together."

As I said that, I realized that Taite and Karen knew each other from history, and I knew Ty from history. Taite was one of them. Karen was normal. Ty was one of them. Me…normal. Was someone trying to tell me something?

"You tend to day dream A LOT," Ty said, earning a glare from me.

"That she does," said Karen. She also got a glare.

"I was not day dreaming," I lied. "I was merely thinking deeply about the Bubonic plague."

"Suuurrrreeee, Eve," Karen said. "Thinking deeply—if that's what you're calling it these days."

I glared at her. Why was everyone picking on me? Did I have sign on me? Fine, I can play this game too.

"So, Ty," I said, getting his attention. "Where exactly are you from?" Karen rolled her eyes.

"New York," he replied easily.

"Hmmm…New York, you say. So, what brings you to the smallest-almost-non-existent town of Millsville, Montana?"

"My dad's job."

"And what does he do for a living?"

Taite and Ty shared a look before Ty shrugged. "My dad plans on expanding his business."

"Which is?" He wasn't answering the question.

Ty hesitated before answering. "He…owns a bookstore…"

"Books? What kind of—"

"Evelyn," Karen cut in rudely, "enough with the twenty questions already."

"I haven't asked twenty yet." Karen sighed and rolled her eyes. She tended to do that a lot around me.

Taite and Ty left soon after and the bell rung ten minutes later. The rest of the school day went by in a slow pace—like it always does. When it was over, I headed towards my locker, on a mission. The mission was D.L.K.S.M—Don't Let Karen See Me. Yeah, I know it's a sucky name, but I was too busy trying not to be seen than coming up with a better name.

I slowly made my way to my locker, practically walking on the heels of the boy in front of me, hiding behind him. He turned around and glared at me. It was the same boy whom Karen threw her cookies at yesterday at lunch. "Why can't you and your friend leave me alone?" he asked angrily.

"Ummmm…I'm trying to hide."

He glared again. "Freak," he muttered as he walked away.

No matter, I didn't need him anymore anyways. I finally reached my locker and Karen wasn't there. She either a) hasn't been there yet or b) has been there already. I was hoping for the latter. I did not want to go shopping. I put my textbooks away and grabbed my backpack. I closed the locker and headed towards the exit.

"Evelyn," a voice called behind me, freezing me in place.

Damn it, mission failed.

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