Life without you,
Would be so much easier
Without worry
Or you controlling

I could be my own person
And finally do what I love
Why haven't you gone?
Life would be so much easier

You're my friend
But I never knew
Friends treated you
Like how you do

You tell me
I am ugly
And everything is wrong
I wish that you were gone

As the days go by
I still wish and pray
And then that fateful day
You came knocking at my doorstep

I said hello
And outward your hand flew
You point the gun at me
And say I am going to die

But you turned the gun around
And let that bullet fly
On my doorstep
You started to die

I cried out
And forgot my hate
You said three words to me
"I love you"

I realized how much
I loved you also
My best friend
You were always there for me

I will be there for you
I raise the gun to my temple
My best friend
I do love you