Why have this soul...

that feels and wants so much?

But usually ends up filled with pain.

Would it be easier...

to be a soulless creature?

A demon who feels no hurt.

To be soulless,

To feel nothing.

Would it be easier to live?

To have feelings and a soul


Ends up with pain.

A deep hallow gap in your chest.

It will be there forever,


it will mend.

Why does it hurt so?

When your heart has been cracked?

I could stand my whole body broken,

But not my heart, my soul.

To be soulless,

T o be cold.

To be soulless,

To feel nothing,

Never to feel hurt again.

To be alone

But to show someone you care for them you need a soul.

But to have a soul, a heart...

Means to be open to a life of pain.


Which would be the easier way to live?