This is the reason now,
You can't keep asking how,
I need you more the ever,
Please help, I'm not that clever.

I can't compete with myself,
I feel like I'm someone else,
I don't now when I'll break,
I don't know how much it'll take,

You just stand and smile,
I'm sinking all the while,
You just laugh and look away,
I'm dying here today.

I know what's wrong with me,
But I can't get you to see,
I want you to help me through,
But in the end it's all about you.

I need a savour to pull me out,
I need you to see what this is about,
I want to be loved by someone real,
I want to be able to really feel.

I'm a lost child with a knife,
I'm lost in all this strife,
The only way out's in my hand,
I can already see the promised land.

Save me If you dare to try,
Save me if you want to die,
Save me if I mean that much,
Save me I'm out of touch.