What Happens Inside the Belly of the Beast.

The slithering of my cloak dragging along the ground was the only thing that broke the dead still silence of the night. Sounding like a great snake that slithered along on its belly, it dragged over twigs and old discarded leaves that the trees felt they no longer needed. The moon high above stared down upon me as if it knew my intentions, but it saw all anyway. Being the only eye of the night it saw far more foul misdeeds than any other.

As I rounded the last of the trees the gigantic mansion finally came into view and a smile broke across my face. Finally I had arrived here. Days and nights and still more days and countless nights had passed on the way here, now the sight of the mansion in front of me brought eerie happiness upon me and I had to stop and control myself. For it would mean nothing for me to have traveled all the way here to have the one I had sought for so long become aware of my presence simply because he had heard me laughing hysterically outside. He who had betrayed me so greatly would never hear me coming. I would not allow that, I had traveled too far and waited too long to find the one who had abandoned me some twelve years ago. Abandoned me and left me to die simply because I was different. No he would never hear me coming; I would make sure of that.

As I looked up at the house, across the long green lawn, once again I smiled. He was not doing too badly for himself. His house was shingled, with shutters beside every window, flower boxes, and a large red door. Large windows that proudly wore iron bars greedily spotted the side of the house, and all were black with the coldness of empty rooms.

All but one.

A great pain of longing shot through me as I watched his silhouette stroll by the yellow paned window. A longing to get inside. A longing to face him, and destroy him. I had waited too long to get to him and thought of the deed for too long to turn around now.

For many years the only company I had allowed was the thought of his death, his blood on my hands. I had spent many a long nights with that thought, slept with it, ate with it, drank with it, walked with it, and talked with it. Now however the feeling was overwhelming. So much that the word overwhelming could not describe it. It was like the thought of his murder had snuck up and swallowed me whole, and now trapped in the belly of the beast I was forced to sleep not with the thought but on it! Not to eat with the thought but eat the thought itself! Drink the thought; walk on the thought, and talk only of it! It was as if only dwelling on the thought would keep me alive, as if to think of anything besides it, would cause death, but not his, my own. I smiled once more before I left the safety of the forest and headed across the lawn towards the big red door.

I gazed inside the panes upon the door before trying the handle. It twisted only a bit before it stood firm under my palm, the coolness of the brass trying to deny me my entrance. I chuckled to myself without actually making a sound. Inserting a long slender talon inside the keyhole I quickly undid the lock and with a click the door swung open. Stepping inside I scowled at the tacky paintings on the walls and the ugly carpet on the floor. Then my gaze, following the hallway, met the stairs and my mood brightened once more.

Before proceeding, I casually removed my cloak and hung it on the peg by the door; after all I wouldn't want him to mistake me for someone else. Then turning towards the stairs I walked down the hall and stepped up to the first landing. Now I could see the light pouring out from under his door and once again I had to fight back the chuckles. Then to my pleasure I watched as the light went out, and I had to fight the laughter even harder. Finally once I had calmed myself I took the last of the stairs and stood outside his door.

Only this door was keeping me from my task, this door stood between me and the man who had tortured my mind for so long. I did not feel the need to laugh now, for the seriousness of what I was about to achieve was more than I needed at the moment. Slowly and noiselessly I swung the door open. Instantly my eyes searched for the bed, and once it was found I smiled, for I could see him laying in it. I could see him plain as day, laying on his side with the blankets half off and his hands under the pillow, I could see his chest rising and falling, and even the stubble on his face.

There was nothing about him or the room that I couldn't see.

Slowly I advanced, towards the bed and the man my thoughts had obsessed over. I advanced until I heard the floorboards creak under my feet and saw the man sit up in his bed with a start.

"Who's there?" he called to the darkness that he would see, for his eyes were not like mine.

Still I advanced.

"Who's there, I'm warning you I'm armed!" he said as he turned away from me and groped for the matches on his night side table. I only smiled because I could see that there was no weapon anywhere in the room.

Still I advanced.

Finally he got a match lit and the room filled up with light.

And oh how I shall never forget that look! That marvellous look of shock that spread over his face as he looked upon me. The one that he thought to be dead!

"You..." he whispered as he pointed at me, his face was a mixture between utter horror and complete rage. I smiled, my dagger teeth flashed in the candle light, before I lunged.

Quick as lightning he shuffled back as far as he could, pressing himself against the headboard, foolishly trying to escape. One last scream was issued from him, a long banshee like shriek, before my teeth met his throat and finally the warm rush of his blood flooded over my tongue and dripped over the bed. The taste was something that lifted a burden off of my chest. The slightly salty sting of the blood was like the finest candy in the world to me for it meant that I would no longer be tortured by his mocking face floating in my mind.

Calmly I stepped back and admired his body. He lay there with his throat tore out; and in spite of myself I had to admit that he had never looked better. For a few seconds more I merely stood there before I snapped out of the trance and rushed over to his trash can.

I dumped the garbage onto the floor and then stripped the basket of its lining. Then I went back to the body and dismembered it, placing every part into the bag, making sure that the head was on top. I looked one last time into those eyes that had scorned me so long ago before I tied up the bag and set it down.

Then clambering up onto the bed I stretched up and removed a few of the ceiling tiles, making a hole just big enough to conceal the body. Finally I picked the bag up and thrust it through the hole in the ceiling and made one last check, to make sure that the knot of the bag was on top and would allow no blood to seep out, before I replaced the tiles.

Lastly I glanced toward the bloodstained sheets before deciding that they could stay, after all there had to be some indication that he was dead. So that the maids and butlers that worked for him could know that someone had been here and removed them of their tyrant.

Then I left the room, regained my cloak and exited the house. Once I stood safely on the lawn I stared at the one single yellow window until my shoulders began to shake, and it was not until then that I allowed myself to laugh, and I laughed with such passion that the sound swelled up out of me and echoed off of the house. I laughed so maniacally that it reverberated off of the trees in the woods causing the animals around to flee in terror. I laughed so demonically that even the moon, the all seeing eye of the night, the one who had seen all the evil in the world, retreated behind a single grey cloud in terror.

The End

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