Daf(fod)ils, Do Smile...

Daf(fod)ils so tired
Of you wearing them OUT:
No glow after
The Great Play(ed)
In times of need(ing)
Sacred secrets…

For the Opera burned
The inner thighs of(f)
Your sighs
Will forge the truth out of you…

To carry (on) your heart
- On your sleeve -
So coldly, my precious kind of thief,
Bearing the burden
- Into your grave -

- Yard to yearn
Thinking to teach
Instead of learn;

- Diving to deep
In me to see
Eternity, - within…
…The veins of your life hurting,
…Who deserve to be alive…

They sell themselves
Cheap - little fakers,
In a world of (Fool's) Gold
Vegas in all her schemes;

Nature's fault - ? -

Protected by a talent(ed)
Gift of reading the cards,
Those are in the deck
You chose to play
- The Jack(as)s of clubs -

The wrong color?

You, daffodil;
- Too pale -

Do make me smile!