Awake at twilight, I watch the sun rise high over the streets

Surrounded by clouds, my glowing star shines down onto the porch

My toes tingle as its warmth hits my feet

A cool breeze blows past me, whispering songs of the morn in my ear

Songs I've been waiting to hear

A nearby wind chime jingles with every blast of air that comes by

The gentle sound reminds me of my fleeting night

Legs outstretched, I imagine basking in the moonlight with rain drizzling down my face

I anxiously close my eyes, dreams and desires lingering on the brink of hope

They linger until they can wait no longer

I cannot feel my moon shine down on me

Without a second thought, my eyes jerk open, taking in the surroundings

My forehead breaks out into a sweat and I stand abruptly

Shaking myself off, I go inside my home and eagerly await the night

The night that brings twilight once more