Chapter One

It was only five-thirty in the afternoon, so the sun was still up. Ash was only sixteen years old, yet it was always the same. He would go into his room every day after school and sit in the darkest corner of his room. He sat there in silence hugging his knees as tears slowly rolled down his cheeks. He never brushed away his tears he just watched them as they dripped onto the splintered pinewood. He always knew he could do whatever he wanted, just like any other boy who was sixteen. However, according to Ash, life was meaningless.

Ash had been depressed ever since his big sister had left home. His sister had left him when he was only six so he never understood why she had gone. Ash's friends kept telling him he was lucky since it was any little brother's dream. However, Ash missed his sister calling him weird names. He even missed thinking of new ways to tease her when she came home from school. Most of all; he missed the pleasant times he had with his sister and the rest of the family. Like all things, it was fine for the first week, but now he couldn't stand it anymore. The thoughts of being alone kept gnawing at his brain.

There were footsteps coming up the staircase. Ash could easily hear them as the floor boards creaked. He leapt to his feet and strode over quickly to his computer. He waited patiently for the expected intruder as he opened up a program. No one knew about his depression and he tried his hardest to hide it. He was glad that no one knew, since he didn't want people feeling sorry for him. There was a rattle at the door as someone turned the doorknob and shoved the door open. Ash knew it was his mother, since she always came in every afternoon so she could give him his tea for the night.

"Ash sweetie. I brought you some dinner," Jesskah stated as she placed a plate full of steak, vegetables and mash potato on Ash's computer table. Ash just nodded his approval, even though he disapproved of his mother when she called him 'sweetie.' He hated pet names. He always made an excuse that he was too old for them, yet his mother never listened to his threats and taunts. She always seemed to do it. Whether it was because she forgot or it was on purpose, Ash didn't know.

Jesskah left without a word. She always thought that Ash was just being obsessed with his computer. Every person in the house had a computer and it seemed every time Jesskah walked into the room Ash was always sitting at the computer.

Ash waited patiently for his mother to leave before he started nibbling at his tea. He only ate little bits and pieces. He never finished off a meal fully no matter how hungry he was. When he was done with his plate, he picked it up and walked over to his window. He tossed out the rest of it, since he knew the cats would get the rest of it before his mum could ever notice.

Ash went back to his corner once again. He waited for the sun to go down. He waited for everyone to go to sleep. He knew his parents would go to bed straight after there tea just like they always did. It was like clockwork. However, Ash could still sit there day in and day out in the darkest corner of his room, holding so many burdens, holding so much sorrow. Ash had so much pain in his heart, yet he could still hide it from the world with so much ease.

Ash sat there for another thirty minutes, hugging his knees. He eventually stood up and walked over to his window with a sigh. As he opened the stained glass, he breathed in a deep breath, smelling the fresh night's air. He loved the cold. He loved the feeling of the cool air along the back of his neck, as the wind blew in his naturally red-brown hair.

Ash jumped down from the window with ease after a minute. He had inherited his fathers bloodlines making him become yet another Vampire Child. Ash did not mind though, he enjoyed hunting for his next victim without even his parents knowing. Hunting was the only thing that ever made him happy. If he wasn't hunting, he would be at school acting like some kind of Zombie or he would be at home in the darkest corner of his room.

Ash shoved his hands in his coat pockets. He was wearing a black shirt with the logo 'Undecided' written on it in white, a pair of black jeans and an unnecessary leather coat that dragged a little on the ground.

The wind blew back Ash's hair in all different directions. Therefore, he held his head down as he walked slowly down the sidewalk, dragging his feet as he went. Unlike most vampires, Ash had never gotten use to the fact that he was going to be alone for centuries to come. He longed to have someone there he could talk to, someone he could count on.

Ash just continued to walk, letting his feet carry him on his way as he day dreamed. He didn't know where he was going to end up, but tonight he didn't care. He just dreamed about his future. He always worried about where the next corner would take him and wondered about where he would end up.

Ash suddenly snapped out of his trance. He flung his head up in confusion. Something had caught his attention all of a sudden. He was confused at first. He hadn't been watching where he was going so he didn't really know where he was. He looked around and noticed he was standing at a crossroad section. He was further away from home than he had anticipated. He looked to his left and noticed an extension to the town he was already in. Then he looked to his right and noticed a road leading down into a dark dank forest.

Ash sniffed the air cautiously. He didn't know what exactly he had smelt. After thinking about it for a moment Ash realized he wasn't smelling just one thing. He smelt two things. He recognized the sweet smell of succulent blood and took a mental note that it seemed to be coming from his left. Then he gave his attention to the scent that came from the right. He didn't recognize it at first. He just pondered over it for a while. After a moment of dissolute consideration Ash had a flash back of ice. He instinctively knew that what he had smelt was the sweet smell of ice.

Ash decided to go and get a feed first since his stomach had started growling at him. He reminded himself to check out the ice in the other direction after his meal. He just sighed as he started to walk off down the street. The streetlights illuminated the sidewalk as Ash strode down the street. He used his sense of smell instinctively to guide him to his pray.

Ash turned into an ally-way where he knew his prey would be. It was dark and cold, but that didn't bother him. His mind was focused on one thing. He stared down the ally-way as the puny figure started walking down it. The young boy was shaking, making it obvious to see that he wasn't use to walking down the street at night and it seemed like he never would.

Ash leant up against the brick wall on the right side of the ally-way. He licked his lips, waiting impatiently for the boy to come closer into his strap. On closer inspection the kid looked about twelve, he seemed really shy, withdrawn and depressed, but none of that fazed Ash. He only had one thing on his mind. He pictured the succulent blood of the boys drizzling out of his mouth as he licked his lips after a good meal.

The un-expecting victim walked past and as he did so Ash leapt forward into his path. The victim stopped dead in his tracks, starting to whimper. Ash ignored his sobbing and gagged him as he let out a squeak. He flung the boy around and slammed his victims back against his own chest with a laugh of mockery. He grabbed the boys hands and crossed them over pressing them against his own chest. Ash ran his hand over one of the boys arms and as he did so he felt the warm feeling of blood. He looked at the boys face then to his arm. There was a big gash running straight down the top of his arm. Ash just shook his head, before he picked up the kids arm and held it near his face. He licked the blood off before he faced the kids neck.

"This wont hurt one bit, I promise" Ash smirked as he whispered into the boys' ear. The young boy heard what Ash had said causing him to start struggling franticly for his life. It was to late though. Ash had his victim held tight against his chest and the poor excuse of struggling from the boy didn't affect him. He ignored his victim's desperate swipes at him and lunged forward, digging his sharp fangs deep inside the boys bear neck.

Warm fresh blood oozed out of the boy's neck as he tried to gasp for air. Ash just laughed at his victims pain as he lapped up the blood he so deeply desired. The fresh taste of blood soothed his soul and made him happy. He smirked as he continued to drink. The boy just coughed and spluttered as Ash continued to feed. He remembered that his parents were unaware of his evil sins and he was proud of himself every time he got away with it.

Ash just laughed as he licked his lips, retrieving the blood that was trying to escape from his mouth. He was full and content now. However, he sighed as he realized the sensation he completely devoured was now gone. Then he remembered about the other side of the crossroad. His spirits lifted in hope that he would find something good. He picked up the young limp now dead boy who he had dropped to the ground and effortlessly threw it aside into the gutter. He left the body for the dogs as he silently disappeared back into the dark shadows of the ally-way.