Blessed Death

Dark force, power of death,

I decide,

Who gets the last breath,

They abide,

By my dark sabbath,

All ride,

To blessed flames of death,

Who stays young? Who grows old?

All their fates I shall hold,

They have, fates behold,

In half, their lives I fold,

Taken by my harsh cold,

I decide who turns to mold,

All oppose shall meet my wraith,

All shall, avoid my path,

In their face, I shall laugh,

When I decide they shall have,

A dark and bloody bath,

The sweat wings of light,

All cherish,

Under cloak of night,

All perish

With all of their might,

All wish,

For the endless light,

Pain, misery, dismay,

All try to wish it all away,

But death, is here stay,

Last breath, here today,

All lay, death and decay,

In dirt they all shall lay,

Darkness cloak all that is known,

All cry, and all alone,

All shall die, with split bone,

There is nowhere they can roam,

I will burn all their bones,

Cry! Cry! All children cry,

They scream,

In a world gone awry,

They dream,

As sullen life drags by,

They seem,

All ready to cry,

All ready to cry,

But can't escape death,

It's useless to cry,

To save breath,

As all die,

A sweet, sweet blessed death!