Argentinien über allen

Also titled

La Argentina sobre todos

(Both of which translate to Argentina over all)

January 1, 1936

Augustin Pedro Justo, the President of Argentina, awoke from slumber in his bed in the Presidential Mansion in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He had just had a great dream of Argentina ruling over all of South America and becoming the second-greatest power in the hemisphere. He immediately rose, heading to a typewriter to write up his 'Ten-year Plan for Argentine Hegemony in South America,' which he would present upon its completion to the Cabinet.

Authors note: Following is a few excerpts from "El plan de diez años para la hegemonía de Argentina de América del sur," known in English as the aforementioned "Ten Year Plan" and translated into English.

"Argentina shall build an army of at least eighteen infantry divisions, divided into 6 3-division corps, along with at least one three-division armored corps."

"Argentina shall build a navy primarily of modern heavy and light cruisers, with the battleships Rivadavia and Moreno, in addition to several cruisers, providing a coast defense force and/or naval reserve."

(And finally, the most imposing one…)

"Argentina shall annex Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, and defeat Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. If the situation presents itself, one or more of the aforementioned countries shall be made a client state of Argentina and contribute forces to aid Argentina attain hegemony."

(Author's Note: This was inspired by GranatoweSkrzydla's story, Germania, and one of a series of stories of mine set against the background of WWII. And I here admit that this was inspired by my attempts to conquer South America as Argentina in Hearts of Iron 2. And I speak virtually no Spanish, except for the phrases "¿Que pasa?

and … sorry, that's the only one I can think of at the moment. So you will have to bear with me, as I'm using Google's translator for the translating.)