Think about it:

Did this school year go by fast for you? Can't you remember like it was yesterday that it was the first day? Well, if you are fourteen now, you have about seventy more of those to go. If school went by in a day for you, you have seventy days to live. And lots of those days, you will be ill, or crippled, or hurt. Only about one fourth of these days will be good. One fourth of seventy is seventeen and a half. You have seventeen and a half days to live happily. Of those, about half will go by quicker than others. About half will seem like they are gone in an instant. Seventeen and a half days divided by two is eight and three-fourths. The average American spends four hours per day watching television. That is one sixth. Subtract one sixth from eight and three fourths, and you have seven and one fourth days to live. School lasts about seven hours every day. That leaves you five out of those seven and one fourth days. Five days left. They are going fast. You spend approximately three hours each day trying to get from one place to another. Four and a half days left. Time flies when you are talking to a friend. You spend approximately four hours every day talking to friends. Three and one fourth days are left of that. Every day there are things you need to do. Chores, personal hygiene, etc. takes about two hours every day. Three days are left. Email is a sad thing. The average teenage girl spends two hours of each day (or more) typing messages via computer to her friends. Take that away and you have two and three fourths of a day left. Let's face it. Every second of the day, we are not doing something. Totaled together, about thirty minutes are spent every day doing absolutely nothing. That doesn't put us down too much. It just brings us down to two and a half. Three quarters of the day, we are either sleeping, or thinking about sleeping. Guess how many days that leaves us with?

One. Approximately. You have one day left to live. Now, remember, that's if you consider this year to have gone by in a day. Otherwise, if it felt like a whole year, change it to one year.

There is good news, however. If you are never ill, crippled or hurt, if you are never sad, if you live every day slowly, if you never watch television, if you never go to school, if you never leave from one place, if you never talk, if you never do any chores, if you never bathe or go to the bathroom, if you never use email, if you are doing something every second of the day, and if you never sleep, you have seventy days left to live. Or seventy years. Take your pick.