Finding Home


"It's a girl." The doctor exclaimed as he held the tiny baby in his arms. The nurses took her to wash her up. "Okay, here comes the second one. You know what to do. Push. Good girl." The doctor retrieved the second baby. "It's a boy." He exclaimed before passing the baby off to the nurses again.

"Here you go ma'am." One of the nurses said as she passed the first twin, the girl, to her mother.

"Thank you." Marilyn managed to whisper through her sobs. Tears were streaming down her pale face and leaving streaks of mascara. Her vision was too blurred to try and see the baby she held in her arms.

"Here's the second." The nurse said as she passed the boy to his mother. Marilyn looked down at the two babies she held, tears still streaming down her face.

"Hey, sweetie. If you don't stop crying you're going to flood the hospital." Her boyfriend, Ryan, joked. Her brushed a strand of hair from her face then dried her tears.

"Ryan, I don't know if I can do this. Neither of us have jobs; my family was against this relationship to begin with; we're only –"

"Shhh. We can do this. Together, we can do this. I'll get a job, I'll go as soon as…" Ryan paused to think of where they were going to go.

"I can't go home." Marilyn whispered. "My mother hates me."

"You can go to my house. My family loves you. They'll be willing to help." Ryan assured her. He leaned over and kissed her cheek. "They need names." He said smiling.

"Aaron Elgin and…" Marilyn leaned her head back to think.

"Abby Ebony." Ryan suggested. Marilyn nodded in agreement. The nurses came and took the twins so Marilyn could get some sleep. Ryan went to call his parents.

"Hi mom." Ryan said when she picked up. "Yes I'm fine… Yes Marilyn is fine too… She had twins, mom… No… Actually, I was wondering if we could both stay with you until I have enough to get an apartment and support the four of us… Thanks mom, I'll tell Marilyn… Love you too mom… Bye." Ryan hung up the payphone and went to sit with Marilyn. He entered the room and she was sleeping soundly. He sat on the chair beside her bed and held her hand

"Everything looks good with you and the twins. I think you can go home now." The doctor declared after a few days.

"You wait here, I'll go call my mom, see if she can pick us up." Ryan said. Marilyn nodded her head and sat up in her bed.

Ryan came back a little while later to get Marilyn and take her down to wait for his mom.

"Ma'am, are you okay to walk down on your own?" The nurse asked.

"Yes. I'm fine, thanks." Marilyn responded. She was carrying Abby and Ryan was carrying Aaron. They arrived at the front doors of the hospital and stood outside waiting. Ryan looked over and noticed Marilyn was shivering. It was November and Marilyn only had on a thin jacket. He shuffled over and shifted Aaron to his other arm so he could put his arm around Marilyn to help warm her up. The twins were wrapped in a couple blankets for warmth so Ryan knew they'd be warm enough. A car pulled up shortly and Ryan pushed Marilyn towards the car. She was in a daze and wasn't quite sure what was going on. She let Ryan's mother take Abby from her arms and place her in the car seat in the back seat.

"Mom, when did you get those?" Ryan asked. They hadn't been able to buy anything and were worried about when they would be able to buy anything.

"After you called me. I knew you guys had no money; nowhere to go, and Marilyn won't be able to get a job for a while. Your father and I decided it would be best if we helped you out." Ryan enveloped his mom in a loving hug and then climbed into the back beside the two car seats.

"Marilyn, you can sit in the front beside my mom, okay?" Ryan said through the open window. Marilyn nodded her head and climbed in. She shut the door and looked out the window.

"Hey Marilyn. How are you feeling?" Ryan's mom asked from the seat next to her.

"Good I guess." Marilyn responded absently.

"I think she's just tired, mom." Ryan said from the back. They drove the rest of the way in silence. When they arrived at the house Ryan led Marilyn in and let her lie on his bed so she could sleep. Then he went back out to help his mom bring in the twins in their car seats.

"I've already bought everything you two… four, will need to live. You don't have to worry about anything except getting a job so you can support your family." Ryan's mom said.

"Thanks mom, really. It means a lot to me, and I'm sure it'll mean a lot to Marilyn once she is able to function." Ryan hugged his mom in thanks then lifted a freshly awoken Abby from her car seat. He sat on the couch and rocked her gently, playing with her tiny fingers.

"Ryan?" Marilyn called softly one morning; a year after her twins had been born. She had woken up to an empty bed. She opened her bedroom door and looked into the hallway. It was empty. She looked across the hall and noticed the door to the twins' nursery was open. I closed it last night when I put the children to bed. She crossed the hall and looked into the room. "Ryan!" She screamed. She turned around and jumped when she saw someone standing directly behind her. She calmed down a little as she realized it was just Ryan's mom.

"Marilyn? What's the matter?" She asked. She placed a caring hand on Marilyn's shoulder and looked past Marilyn's head into the nursery. "Oh my god. Where's Ryan?" She asked, fear coming into her eyes.

"I don't know." Marilyn choked, "He wasn't in the room this morning. I haven't gone to look anywhere else yet."

"You go back and lie down, I'll look for him, okay?" Marilyn looked up at the grandmother of her children and felt compelled to listen. She walked slowly back to her room and sat on the bed. Her head was spinning out of control. "Marilyn, I think you should come down here." Marilyn stood up slowly, she didn't want to lose her balance, and walked towards her door. She opened the door and walked through the hall and down the stairs. She had to hold the rail to keep herself from falling down the stairs. "I found this on the table." Ryan's mom was standing next to the dinner table holding a piece of paper with something carelessly scrawled over it. Everything went black as Marilyn felt herself hit the floor.