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Chapter 5

Quinn scrambled to answer the phone. She was hoping it was good news for Megan.

"Hello?" She said into the phone.

"Hi, Quinn. It's Officer Owen. Since I dropped… Megan off with you I've been searching for any information I could find about Megan. Such as what the scoop is on her kidnapping. I think I may have found something. Don't wake her though, the poor girl must've been running all day from that man she had been living with." Officer Owen explained.

"Do you want me to bring her by the station tomorrow?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah, sure. Bring her here and I'll see what she thinks of what I've found." Officer Owen agreed. Both hung up the phone and Quinn went back to her bed. She hoped Megan could be helped. She was such a sweet girl, and deserved much better than what she had had so far.

"Good morning Officer Owen." Quinn greeted when Megan and her arrived at the police station after a good night's sleep and a filling breakfast. Megan followed close behind, looking almost as cheerful as Quinn.

"Morning ladies." Officer Owen greeted, "Megan, I found some stuff just by looking on the missing children's website. The only picture they had of you was when you were about 1, you and your brother. They did an age enhancement on it and it looks a little like you. I looked at the case file and it showed a picture of your father, listing him as the abductor. You said your father's name was Ryan, right?" Officer Owen asked. Megan nodded meekly, she remembered her father, although vaguely, and had forgotten she had a brother. She didn't know what had happened to him, all she knew was he disappeared before her father was killed. "Come around this side of the computer and take a look. Can you tell me if this is you and your father?" Megan walked over to the computer and looked at the screen. The child's name was Abby Ebony Sarick and her brother's name was Aaron Elgin Sarick. The man accused, their father, was Ryan Milo Sarick.

Megan studied the picture. She had only been 5 when her father had been killed and she was now 11. Her brother had disappeared from the house at least a year before that. She didn't really have to study the picture as long as she was, she knew her real name, remembered her brother's name, and knew her father's name. She knew all the information was correct. The file said her brother and her had been one when they had gone missing from their home. She was looking at the pictures when she noticed something under her brother's picture. It said he had been found. That made her feel better, knowing that he had at least been found. She soon realized she had no idea if he'd been found dead or alive.

"That's me, my dad, and my brother." Abby confirmed quietly. She was so quite Quinn and Officer Owen almost didn't hear her. They looked up in surprise at her. Her voice had sounded pained. "Officer Owen, can you find my mom?" Abby asked. She looked on the verge of tears as she stared hopefully up at the Officer. He just nodded his head softly.

"I will do my best. Why don't you and Quinn go and watch a movie or something." He suggested. He looked to Quinn and waited for her nod. Quinn took Abby's hand and took her back to her house for a while.

They were quietly watching a movie, the second since they had come home, when Quinn's phone rang once again. It was Officer Owen telling her to bring Abby to the station immediately. Quinn quickly turned the movie off and took Abby back to the station.

"Sorry I took so long. I called Missing Children and they had some difficulties tracking down your mother. Do you know your mothers name?" Officer Owen asked. Abby nodded. "Is her name Marilyn?" He asked again. Recognition flashed across Abby's face when she heard the name.

"Yes. That's what my dad told me. That's the name 'he' used to torment me." The recognition left her face and was replaced by anger and hatred.

"About 'him', I have arrested him but he won't tell me anything. Is there anything you can tell me about him? His name? Why he kidnapped you, your brother, and your father? Anything at all?" Officer Owen asked. Abby reluctantly began to talk.

"His name is James. I don't know how he knew my mom or my dad, he never told me. He said he was getting revenge. I don't know on whom or for what. He seemed a little… strange at times." Abby explained. She stared at the floor and fiddled with her hands the whole time she was talking.

"How did he act strange?" Officer Owen asked.

"He muttered to himself, walked around looking lost, and other various things to that effect. Sometimes I thought he was just crazy. Then he'd go out, get drunk, and come home and hurt me." Tears came to the surface of her eyes and she fought to keep them from falling.

"How did he hurt you?" Quinn asked gently, she really did care about this young girl. She had endured much and didn't deserve any of it.

"He hit me and…" Abby stopped. She looked into Quinn's eyes and then shifted her gaze to Officer Owen. There was so much pain in her gaze; neither adult knew what exactly to think. She opened her mouth to speak again but found herself speechless as the tears started falling. She started shaking. The memories of what had happened to her were terrible and she didn't want to have to tell anyone what had happened, but also knew if she didn't she couldn't help.

"It's okay Abby. If you don't want to talk right now, just take a little bit to compose yourself. When you feel you're ready to talk again, you can." Officer Owen comforted. Quinn put her arm around Abby's shoulders and held her close.

Images of her past ran through her head. She witnessed her father's death all over again, and saw as well as felt everything that had been done to her. She hadn't let any of it surface in her mind until now. Her body was no longer shaking from sobs; she was now shaking from pain and fear.

Suddenly all the pain she felt overwhelmed her and everything went black as she fell into Quinn's lap.