The Last DragonLord

An Aquarius Clan Short Story

By Rednal29


Summer 3935 W.R.

The Council of Clans was attacked by a demonic horde. Only the leader of the Aquarius Clan survived.

Summer 3936 W.R.

A demon army struck the only city of the Aquarius Clan and was successfully repelled.

Fall 3964 W.R.

A second demon army attacked the Aquarius Clan's city. The city was deserted. Eyewitnesses reported watching DragonLord James Aquarius perish in the blaze that destroyed the cities sections.

Winter 3964 W.R.

Control of the world given to the leader of the demon army.

4464 W.R.

This story begins.


"Hey, barkeep!" a young girl said, walking into a tavern. The Silver Gem, as it was named, was a high-class sort of bar where upper-class people came and not only got drinks, but read as well. This may have had something to do with the fact that one wall opened to the city library and there were a whole lot of couches scattered around the room.

"Hm?" the barkeeper asked, looking up as he continued checking out books. That was his other job; librarian.

"I want any information you got on the Aquarius Clan. You know, that group that vanished five hundred years ago." The girl said, glaring at him. The barkeeper raised an eyebrow, wondering why she was pretending to be hostile.

"Be right with you." He said, indicating the line of people waiting to check out books.

"The Aquarius Clan, huh?" a voice asked. The girl looked over sharply, and saw a man lounging on a couch near her, reading a magazine as he drank from a bottle of wine. "You might say I'm an expert on it… Looking for any information in particular?"

"Yeah!" the girl replied. "I'm trying to find out about the DragonLord, whatever his name was! The last one they said died in the fire that destroyed the city!" the man raised an eyebrow. "And his family too, I guess." The man laughed.

"Well, I can answer your questions about that, certainly. The man was an idiot." The girl raised an eyebrow as she sat down across from him. "You see, at the last Council of the Clans, he hesitated in using his powers because he had a disease."

"Hold on; they never got sick." The girl interrupted.

"Do you want the information or not?" the girl was silent. "Thought so. Immunity to disease is a term given to an ability they had, but it's not quite correct. You see, there are three diseases that can affect members of the Aquarius Clan. Dragonsbane poisoning, the Red Fever, and one almost nobody knew about, which was just called the Exponent Effect. He had the last one. It's a very curious disease. It keeps increasing your power, but it also makes it almost impossible to control. It isn't fatal to the one who has it, and it goes away after a period of about ten years. However, he was almost through with it when the Council was attacked… That's why he hesitated to use his power. He would have blasted off a chunk of the planet with the smallest release of energy." The girl nodded. "If he'd just gone ahead and angled his shot like he could have, he might have wiped out the army and saved the world. But he didn't. Want to know why?"

"Of course!" the girl said.

"It's because they had his beloved daughter as a hostage. The fool didn't attack because he would have killed her right along with them. She was one of his few weaknesses, and in the end they beheaded her right in front of him. He went mad. Interesting, really, what he did next." The man flipped the page in his magazine.

"Come on, tell me!" the girl pleaded. The man shrugged.

"He went berserk and killed every last one of the demons. In the end, only his wife Arianna could calm him down. Grief-stricken, he returned home, and was immediately tackled in a hug by his daughter."

"I thought you said they beheaded her."

"And he thought he saw it. The idiot completely forgot that his daughter was special; she couldn't be hurt. Period. The girl lacked the ability to transform, couldn't cast the most basic of spells, was a horrible dancer, couldn't control dragons, and was a consistent failure in combat training. She couldn't swing a sword, punch harder then normal, or even look intimidating. Yet despite all of that, no creature in existence could harm her. The protection she had was just that strong. So, naturally, of course she couldn't have been beheaded. Many years later, when he was just entering his prime, his own Clan was attacked. However, he'd transported everybody from there out of the way, into a space-time pocket where they would be safe until he brought them out again. He faked his death in a fire and fled to gather his power."

"What happened next?" the girl breathed out. She hadn't heard half of this information before, and what he was saying made sense out of all the different rumors she'd heard.

"Well, the proud fool had spent so much energy that he was completely drained. It was then that a being appeared in front of him and almost made him die from shock. You ever hear of Azaron, girl?" the girl shook her head. "He helped found the Aquarius Clan, and that was something like four thousand five hundred years ago. The guy was still around. Told the DragonLord everything, how Mathrion, the first DragonLord, and he himself had become Gods in their own right, how they'd protected the Clan, and how much of an idiot the last DragonLord, James Aquarius, was. And then Mathrion himself appeared and stomped on the DragonLord a few times, saying that he'd never been so insulted in his life. The Aquarius Clan was trapped in a pan-dimensional storage pocket, and only he, the DragonLord, could get them out. And he'd have to live five hundred more years to recover enough power to do it right."

"So… What did they do?" the girl asked eagerly. The man laughed.

"What did they do?" the man asked. "They cursed him. They paused his personal timetable so that he wouldn't grow a second. He didn't have to eat, drink, or sleep. Nor could he hurt himself or be seriously injured. He was, in effect, trapped in a world knowing that the people he cared the most about were right outside of his reach. That was the absolute worst thing they could do to him. Imagine it. Five hundred years and counting without his wife, daughter, and twin sister, the three people who meant the most to him. Five hundred years without his prankster younger brother, five hundred years without his two half-siblings. Five hundred freaking years without the people who meant the most to him, knowing that they were alive and the only reason they weren't there is because he used too much power. Just a fraction less, and they'd have been there."

"Wow…" the girl whispered. "I guess I can understand why he was punished that way…"

"Yeah… He was allowed to redeem himself, though. Once he had enough power to bring them back and regain his abilities again, Azaron said, he was going to bring the Aquarius Clan back and give the world a bright new future. See, they left the foolish man alive for a reason."

"What's that?" the young girl asked eagerly.

"His daughter, who had been sent through a timewarp so she was still only fifteen when the Aquarius Clan vanished, was to be the key to saving the world from demons." The man said, chuckling. "Her power was prophesized to be the factor that would free the world." Grunting, the man rolled up his magazine, stuck it in a pocket, and grabbed the bottle of his drink. "Well, it's been fun chatting, but I've gotta get going. There's a lot of work to do."

"Wait! One more question!" the girl asked. The man looked over and raised an eyebrow. "How do you know all this stuff? Did you meet the DragonLord and talk to him about it?"

"Meet him?" he laughed. "Kid, you're lookin' at him."