Rain of Fire.

And so, the new orders were issued today,

And the lives of the innocent were lost in the fray,

Now all that is left is an unholsome stain

On a world controled by sorrow and pain.

But conscience bares no witness this day

When it comes to the innocent, you just look away,

Greed makes you blinder then the blindest of slaves.

For slaves bore the burdin of being one with their pain.


And at your request, the fire shall rain

Down upon innocents who were not to blame

But high in your citidel you don't touch the flame,

... and thus cannot feel how it burns.

From within the ruin the leaders exclaim

That vengence shall fall on the one who's to blame

For the women and children who now lay in the rain

Of ash that now falls, in twilight so gray.

Now 'cuz of you, a new kind of rain

Shall descend on your country, in response to the pain

You have caused with those hands that you can't see are stained

With the blood of the innocent ... you just look away.


Look on in horror as fire now rains

Consuming your cities in ravinous flames

The sickened and bleeding cry out to be saved

At heart you're a coward and won't touch the flames.

Bridge (Spoken)

"Within the hearts of our great leaders

There exists a primordial urge to atain dominance, to be the best.

They care not for how many lives are sacrificed;

They turn a blind eye to the pain and the sorrow they deliver with blood-soaked hands.

Instead, choosing to hide away in shelters rather then face their demons.

It is by their command that we slaughter each other,

By their wim that innocent blood must be spilled."

"In 2001, the twin towers collapsed, slaying thousands.

How many of those men and women had children?

How many of them will grow up without parents?

Arrigant America broadcast the disaster for all to see,

but ignored the slaughter that happened in Cambodia.

Now, how long will it be until it all comes to an end?

Until our leaders feel the wrath of the flames on their own tainted skin?

Their job was to lead us; they led us to death,

All to gain power, or to defend from others who seek that same power."


In the wake of a slaughter, what have you to gain?

The tears of the angels form one last rain

Of silver and bronze to wash away the pain

Of those poor lost souls, whose bodies were slain.

... Why couldn't you just touch the flame?