Dancing. Her steps gracfully spinning around a crystal lake. Moonlight poured over her angelic form with a sea of stars. She was alone, but seemed as if she was with someone. A soft tune hummed around her as her dress swirled together with her movements; yellow waves teasing the gentle breeze.

Reflections from the water beside her played sad memories: a weeping child over a father's grave, a beaten teenager in front of an angry mother, a sobbing widow. So much sadness, but twinkles of hope shook away these images. Replaced in the water was her dancing form. Warm hands tickled the air. The moonlight made her cream skin shine like porcelain. Bare feet tip-toed on the wax of the grass below. Gray streaks on raven-black hair flew on the cool air as the woman danced with all her heart. An emerald glow carried from her eyes over the night sky, praying to the angels above. Loving lips quietly sang her song to the Gods. All the pain in her liftime kept her from dancing. Dancing was her fondest dream, ever since her young childhood. Obsticles made that dream never to be.

Until tonight.

Tonight was the night. Her night.

The shimmering rain from the moon changed her yellow dress into that of gold and silver. A smile stayed on her aged face as she twirled along the endless land around her. The music grew stronger as her dance filled with more embrace and will. Her hands reached for the sky, begging for forgiveness. Forgiveness for letting all her dreams fade away into darkness. The moon seemed to watch over her with a strange reassurance from the Gods.

Her body began to grow weaker and more tired, but she continued to dance. She wasn't going to throw away her dream again. She had to make up for the years lost. Her soul jumped up towards the Heavens through her dancing, leaving her mortal body lifeless on the grass. Her hands were dipped in the lake water, rippling away her memories of pain and sorrow. Her dress was all that was left glowing in the soothing moonlight.

In heaven, she would finally be able to have her dream come true.