(A/N: Holy update Batman! I haven't dropped of the face of the Earth, I just let life get in the way. Well this is kinda a false update I'm still not writing yet, this was a short story for school so if it's as awful as I think it is - that's because I had a evil word limit and I had to have a clear message. But, don't fret I'm trying to write I really am

Note: no I don't own the world, Bill Gates, Fox Mulder, or the movie Dodgeball and by no means do I as a person wish to imply that the movie Dodgeball is a bad movie I infact liked it but for the purpose of the story I had to use it)

When I take over the world

"When I become the evil dictator of the word I will have a cape with a pointy collar," Emma was reading over my shoulder again I shut my notebook with a snap.
"Emma." it's not much of a greeting but it will do.
"So Ally, still working on being the next Bill Gates?" I stared at her
for a minute then replied
"Bill Gates are you kidding me? Bill Gates has a computer company – I
want to rule the world"
"Hey, Bill Gates has a net worth of $43 Billion. He alone has as much
wealth as the bottom 40 of U.S. households"
"And where may I ask, did you find this out" I've got to think of a
plan to concur the empire that is Bill Gates – He may prove
"The discovery channel, they had this thing on him and I couldn't find
the remote"

After I said that Emma went on trying to sound appalled
that I insulted her intelligence, but I knew she didn't care. I've
known Emma for 16 years now, and I honestly don't think Emma cares much about her IQ.

Even in preschool when we first me Emma was obsessed with television.
But that's Emma, when we were in elementary school and all the kids were talking about their dream jobs and how they've got life all planned out Emma and I tended to get overlooked. You see when all the
boys talked they wanted to be things like astronauts, firemen, doctors and even some pro-wrestlers. And then when all the girls talked they spoke about being ballerinas, dancers, singers, and actresses. Well
needless to say Emma and I didn't fit into either category.

You see Emma ever since the day she was born has wanted to be the 6 o'clock news lady, where as I from the day I was born knew that I was destined
to be the supreme lord and master of the universe.

Anyhow soon those elementary school day dreams began to fade and soon they became a
thing of the past, but not for Emma and I.
You see I still plan of being the big ole el' presidenté of said world, and Emma and has had her sights on the 11 o'clock news ever since she lost her set 'beddy –bye time.'

Of course we… ahem I was often a subject to ridicule, Emma stayed by my side. Emma always toldme to pay no mind to them, so did my parents, my teachers, my neighbors, and the man from the gifted children's society. But you see it never really bothered me, I don't think it ever will because you don't see many evil world dictators with enemies because if they have any – they don't stay enemies. I think it has to do with the fear of being blown to pieces…"Yooooooou-Whoooooooo! Miss Marloc! ….Allison….Allison Loretta Marloc! Earth to Allyyyyyy!"
Emma was waving her arms wildly in front of my face- so maybe I occasionally tune the world out, and maybe that's why I'm always made the fool, but really inspiration for evil world take over plans come
and go at will.
"Yes, Emma?" I reckoned it was about time I said something, before she
called an ambulance,
"You conked out aga-"
"I know," I interjected, "what were you trying to tell me?"
"Well I saw the great new movie at the cinema and I was wondering if…"
"You want me to go with you to a movie that I already know I won't like, so that you can see a movie you've already been too so that you don't feel like a complete dork going to a movie for the 5th time, do have it right?" I retort smugly
"Well yes, wait! How did you know that I have seen that movie before
that is creepy – like X-files creepy – thinking of X-files I was watching this thing about Mulder and.." I held out my hand to stop her– that girl could obsess over Fox Mulder for hours.
"Actually you said and I quote ""Well I saw the great new movie" you saw meaning you've already been, you say it's great meaning you've already seen it more then twice. As for the 5th time – I'm the worlds best guesser"
"You know what Ally, you are going to be a great world controller type person"
"I prefer evil world dictator, and you can't go wrong with malicious overlord – but thank you"
"So are you in for the movie?" she asked causally but I could see it in her eyes that she didn't want to go alone – one day I'm going to have to get her a boyfriend, maybe one of the cinema clerks. I sighed
heavily as if to make it sound like saying yes was a big chore.
"Well since you're buying my popcorn okay – lets hit the early show and get it over with"
"YAY!, thank you so much. Wait, when did I say I was buying popcorn?"
"So I'll met you at the movie theatre about 7:40, that will give us 10 minutes deal?"
"Okay deal, hey did you catch that last episode of -"

Again I stopped paying attention, I don't like TV, and it rots your brain and makes you fat. If I paid attention I would probably end up getting fed up with the antics of sitcom life and walk away– which I don't suppose is very good for life long friendships.

It's not that I hate TV, quite the contrary in fact. TV is going to help me take over the world – while the rest of the world is sitting around collecting dust and blowing brain cells I plan on slipping into
the control of all humanity- all I must do is get this 'Bill Gates' fellow to sit down in front of the 'boob tube' and watch his empire crumble.

I ended up being late for the movies, Emma rushes me to my seat and gives me my popcorn, the entire time she is talking about how funny
this movie is and how the critics adore it. In a way I'm glad I came late that way the movie starts sooner and I only have to mumble my incoherent replies to Emma while we are waiting.

I'd say the name of the movie that we went to see, but frankly I don't even know what it is myself. The movie is a blur to me I know that I'm looking at the screen, but I'm not watching it.

I decided to preoccupy myself the movie didn't seem to be getting any shorter. To my left there is a slightly obese teenager- 17 maybe 16. His hair is mussed –it's dirty brown, he has oily skin, I don't suppose he's washed it in a few days he has a fleck on popcorn on his lip. I don't know why but I was staring at it for quite some time.

As I continued my search, what I was looking for I don't know, nor for the matter do I care, anything is better then that movie. To my right there is a mother and son. The mother looks about 20, the son about 5,
the mother had long straight red hair pulled back into a pony-tail, she was wearing a bit to much makeup and her clothes were a bit to tight. Her son on the other hand had soft blonde curls and round face
and an innocent smile. The son is laughing at something up on the screen something that isn't important to me but I look anyway.

What I saw shocked me because what the boy had been laughing at was a man getting hit in the head with a wrench. Is that what is funny? –The pain of other human beings? I don't see people going up to WWII veterans and laughing about all the people that died, I don't see people going up to the scene of a car accident, finding the sol survivor and joking about how far the head of that survivors bestfriend went when the windshield decapitated him.

Is this what is funny? Crude jokes, sexist remarks and homophobic jibes? Well I don't think so, people will tell me that it's just a movie, yes it is just a movie I know that. I ask you will the boy with the bouncing blonde curls know that this is just a movie? Will he grow
up thinking that the suffering of others is something to rejoice? And what about Emma, surly she watches so much TV she would know this is wrong, no she wouldn't, she laughed just like everyone else. After
years of watching TV, Emma, the girl that has stood beside me through thick and thin is becoming a girl from the sitcoms in which she adores.

When I am in charge of the world, things are going to change – I don't want to be walking down the street and have a wrench tossed at my head. I am going to change the world even if I have to do it by