June 28, 2005

Is this how it ends?
An endless cycle of repetitions and re-runs?
Can I ever be swayed?
At this present time, I'm glued to the floor.

Ties restrict me, I'm forced to do it
I can't draw my eyes away
Endless hours and endless days
Are spent in agonizing torture.

I know I shouldn't be here
And yet, I always come back
Why? Why do I do this to myself?
It gets me nowhere, and I only grow bigger with time.

I want to stop
My fingers can't move
They're transfixed in a repetition
People scream, shots are heard
And yet, I remain here alone.

All is silence except for the cries
Agony kills the comfort
I want to be taken, and yet I'm alone
The days that follow might change everything.

The shots still ring in my head
I do nothing about it
My voice is silent in the wave of transfixion
Time stops and everything freezes.

Joyless laughter rings in my ears
Tears drop down this broken silhouette
Is this how it all ends?
All memories are dissipating into the wind.

And yet, I cannot move.
I try, but the ties bind me to their will
A pain pounds in my being
And all I can be is transfixed
To the endless line of my imagination.