July 12, 2005

I feel pain.
I have a mind.
I have two eyes so I can see you.
I have two arms that I hold you with,
Two hands I can touch you with.

Two lips so I can kiss you.
Two legs so I can support you.
Two shoulders for you to cry on.

I have two ears so I can hear you screaming -
Screaming my name.
I have a mind that surrounds my ears with silence…
So I can no longer hear you.

I feel pain.
I have a heart so I can feel your agony.
I have two eyes…I can see you falling apart.

My two arms can no longer hold you;
Provide comfort, let you know that I'm there.
My two legs have weakened
My body has taken your weight and has held it up against torrential rains.
My two hands will no longer touch you, will no longer make you feel.

I have a mind.
I have two eyes
And what I perceived, killed my heart.