When the nights are dim,

And the wind is still,

I lie on my bed,

And dream about you.

Gone away to another world.


The softest breeze is blowing,

The bluest sky above us,

It's you in perfection,

The smile, the eyes, the laughter,

A mirage of desire.


Dreams are dreams,

No matter what you do.

I could only keep it inside,

Drawing comfort from the nights,

At least, in some way, I have you.


I wake and sense the silence,

I know the comfort is gone,

Time has brought me back

From that little illusion,

Your images blurred by tears.


But dreams are dreams,

And nothing could compare to you,

Not that dazzling flawlessness.

Wish you were mine,

To kiss, to hold, to pine.


Let me sleep eternal

Let me stay by your side

Wake me not from this dream.


The night is dim,

The wind is still,

There you are smiling.

I look at you and realize,

I'm finally with you…