The silver mesh flew in utter silence. An endless field of stars engulfed the craft. Within its hull a single being peered down at a computer screen. A green dot represented his ship on the map displayed. He pressed the palm of his long, thin hand against the console before him. An array of keys and controls appeared suddenly, as though unveiled by a blanket of light. Spindly, green fingers tapped intricately away at the buttons.

An alarm sounded suddenly. His hand paused in mid air. The light covered the controls again as the hands moved away from the console. A yellow dot moved onto the map. Gradually, the new dot closed in on the green one. He gazed up through the window before him. Determination and anger enveloped his eyes.

He touched his hand to the other end of the console. As though melted, the alloy molded over his fingers. A brilliant blue light shone from underneath his hand. The stars outside the window began to sway and blur.

The creature's jaw tightened as he watched the yellow dot move closer. His filmy, black eyes closed tightly, and he focused every ounce of his strength on the situation at hand. As the yellow dot struck the green one the vessel shook violently. The hull groaned, and the creature fell against the console.

The alloy detached from his hand. He looked up out the window. The swirling stars disappeared. A dark blue world flooded his view, moving, and then there was darkness.