Scene Two

The Mission

The sunlight lingered over the horizon as morning came. Dark clouds drifted in from the north, threatening to wash over the warming desert. Time passed with linear perfection. The stillness broke as a gentle breeze swept over the surface. In the air there seemed a sense of awareness, as though Mother Nature knew of some unnatural presence. Something there observed the earth with curiosity and ire, yet it sought to claim its self as part of it.

The wind caressed the tent in which Isabelle Price began to wake. After reaching the tent the night before, she had packed up her stuff and set the alarm on her cell phone for five after nine. She had said nothing to the creature except, " Goodnight", but Anar had said nothing at all.

Isabelle had watched the creature as she lied down to sleep. When she finally closed her eyes, Anar was still looking about the instruments in his case.

As she woke, Isabelle could hear the flapping of the tent with the wind and a strange crunching sound she couldn't quite identify. When her eyes opened, she was lying on her side facing away from the tent's entrance.

Smiling at the wake of a new morning, Isabelle stretched, and then rolled over to face the crunching sound. Rubbing at her eyes, with the smell of fresh desert air seeping into the tent, she opened them to the sight of an alien creature eating from the neck of a buzzard. A loud shriek came from Isabelle's mouth as she saw the crimson sludge dripping from Anar's mouth in a mixture of blood and bubbling drool.

Anar jumped slightly at the sudden break of the silence that had lulled him. Bewildered, he flicked out his tongue and licked the blood from his chin. "Must you scream?" he said.

Somewhat surprised by how human he sounded, Isabelle narrowed her eyes at him. Her face contorted in disgust. "You're eating a buzzard!"

"An astute observation," Anar replied.

Nonplussed, Isabelle stared at him. "Was that sarcasm?"

"What if it was?" he said, staring passed her in bemusement.

"You're an alien!"

Anar glared at her. "And aliens can't be sarcastic?"

Frowning, Isabelle said, "I don't know. It's just weird." She watched him take a bite of the buzzard. "Just keep that the hell away from me."

"What?" he said. "This?" He held the buzzard up to her.

"Yes!" she squeaked, jumping backward against the tent.

"I got hungry," he uttered defiantly.

"I've got these," she said, holding up one of an assortment of Butterfingers lying next to her sleeping bag.

"Yes, I know," he said, frowning. "I looked at them earlier. The packaging they are in is likely more nutritious than the food that is in it."

"So you found a dead buzzard instead!" she said in horror.

Anar chuckled. "No…I found a live one."

Grimacing, Isabelle continued to watch him. She took a moment to examine her hair and roll up her sleeping bag. When she began to smell Anar's breakfast, she sneered. "Aren't reptiles suppose to eat insects?" she asked.

Anar swallowed a large chunk of the buzzard's shoulder. "When we feel like it," he answered.

Isabelle's brows furrowed. "Why do you sound so human?"

"Perhaps I should ask you why you sound so like us," he replied harshly. "You humans think you are so special. You think you are the only ones capable of what you are capable of. To designate sarcasm or the ability to feel as human is to underestimate the universe and to overrate yourself."

Taken aback by Anar's reply, Isabelle didn't know what to say. She finally settled for a statement. "You weren't like this last night."

"I was disoriented by the crashing of my ship," he said absently.

Isabelle sighed. "Fine," she said, unwrapping one of the Butterfingers, "just get out of here with that if you're going to eat it."

"Are you sure you don't want any?" he asked, smiling and holding the buzzard up to her again.

As the blood oozed out of what was left of the buzzard, Isabelle slowly stopped chewing the bit of Butterfinger she'd bitten off. Nauseated, she reluctantly swallowed. Wrapping the Butterfinger back up, she dropped it next to her and stood up. "I think I'll go check on Brittany," she said, leaving the tent.

As Anar finished his breakfast, a dull squeal caught his attention. He quickly found the device in his case making the sound. He punched a button on its rim, and the rectangular device split open, revealing a black screen and a keypad. A hologram appeared above the screen. A creature in the hologram began to speak in a language filled with clicks, hisses, and growls.

Isabelle found Brittany, still unconscious, lying in the back of her car. But Isabelle was more focused on her car's windows.

All of the windows had been restored. Isabelle found no cracks and no bits of glass lying around her car. She took a moment to examine the windows. She exerted force on them with her hands and found them stronger than before they'd been shattered.

Dumbfounded, Isabelle went back to the tent.

"Hey, did you fix the windows?" she asked as she entered the tent.

Anar sat still and silent.

A few seconds passed. Concerned, Isabelle said, "What's up?"

Anar contemplated telling her. He wanted to destroy something, but he reluctantly set his bloodlust aside. Unsure as to why, he told her. "My superior wishes for me to proceed with my mission," he said slowly.

Brows furrowed, Isabelle asked, "What's your mission?"

Frowning, Anar answered, "It is complicated."

Isabelle sighed in annoyance. "I am so sick of that answer!" she exclaimed. "Tell me!"

Frustrated, yet intrigued by her apparent preponderance, Anar mumbled, "You're lucky your bite is as good as your bark."

Isabelle narrowed her eyes at him.

"My mission is to ensure our people's anonymity," Anar answered. "Our enemy is here, on earth, in Roswell, to expose our presence."

Slowly, as though afraid of the answer, Isabelle asked, "Why Roswell?"

Surprised, Anar answered, "To expose the truth about the crash, of course. What better a place than the 'alien capital' of earth?"

Isabelle sighed and sat before Anar. "Oh, no," she began despairingly. "Don't tell me that was really aliens that crashed!"

"We have been at war with our enemy for centuries," Anar explained. "Your star system lies directly on the border of our territories. The vessel that crashed here during your year, 1947, was one of ours – an emergency escape craft launched from a warship in the midst of a battle fought just outside of the earth's orbit. The futility to escape the battle without being destroyed forced them here."

Silence settled in as Isabelle tried to deal with Anar's explanation. She rolled her eyes. "I really don't care," she said, "but why do they want to expose you?"

"So they can convince your people that it's necessary to safeguard your planet," Anar said tersely, "to turn you against us…and then to annihilate you."