Just a little something that came to me tonight...and for those of you I normally review, but haven't, it's because I just moved from Carolina to Ohio and my Internet has been screwed up. So read...

We like to think we're heading in different directions

Each of us trying to reach the better side of perception

But really all we're doing is avoiding a confrontation

While in the meantime searching for some consolation.

Aren't we really all the same in estimation?

We like to think we are unique in our configuration

But we're all identical; there's no differentiation

Because we all have a similar seamless aspiration

And that's to come to the same humane realization

That we're all attempting to grasp the satisfaction

That everyone is searching for: completion.

But we're never going to get it to precision.

Our goal in life is to be perfect - an unreachable ambition.

We're so busy arranging our lives to a clear-cut organization

That mirrors our neighbor's endless procession

That we find no time to indulge ourselves in progression

And all because we're so infatuated with perfection.

...and review!