21st Century

Getting up early, eyes are still bleary

No time for breakfast, just throw on some dreary

Clothes, and then run to work, it's getting late

Should have been out by seven, it's closer to eight

Smog and pollution, fouling the air

No time to worry, just have to get there.

Drowning in coffee, trying to wake

Feeling your temper beginning to break.

Finished your work? Well here's some more

And if it's too easy, we'll times it by four.

There's always a backlog, but never complain

'Cos everyone else is doing the same.

To make you relax, here's piles of play

Courses on courses, special skills day.

Everyone wants undivided attention

Overtime, extra work, classes, detention.

Paperwork mounting, to see what you think

Better not tell them, they'll send in a shrink

Seeing one anyway, since you've been stressed

Diagnosed you as being clinically depressed.

Microwave mobiles may damage your brain?

Wait 'til it happens then sue who's to blame.

A guy in a car nearly flattens your brother?

Make sure to get his solicitor's number.

Try not to rest and try not to stop

Work hard and play hard and pray you don't drop

Computerised caring, as soft as a knife,

Welcome to 21st Century life.

Xaphania (unsigned) 2005/02/25 - Very good observations on 21st century life. I liked it, well done.