The Coalition for the Destruction of Humanity

It all began a year ago,

On a weekend trip.

The moles took over Safeways

And the salad got quite miffed.

The salad and the moles both planned

To make the world their own.

They allied to achieve their aims,

All of this unknown.

Next they met with fish and ducks,

Soles and mallards, to be precise.

They wanted domination, which

Wasn't really very nice.

Last to join the bold campaign,

Came all the ghosts and shoes.

There was but one way this could go:

The humans had to lose!

The plans were drawn on lettuce leaves,

The fish collected shells.

The ghosts and moles strategised

To send the world to hell.

But when the armies they had massed

(Along with mercenary mould),

A minor disagreement grew:

Who got all the gold?

The ducks were first to break the pact:

The salad all got scoffed.

The ghosts drowned moles and buried fish,

And half the shoes got lost.

And so they wiped each other out,

The conquerors to be.

And now the world is safe again

For those like you and me.

(All hail the Great Mole Overlord!)

Cherry (unsigned) 2005/05/01 - Ah, it's been a long time since I read that and it's still funny!Great stuff Cel. :)

Warm-Summer-Day (signed) 2005/02/28 - giggle I like! It def. made me smile...good job!

Sylvia Ann Elliot (signed) 2005/02/28 - Very funny! I like how you managed to rhyme it. Very realistic in that they wiped themselves out in an arguement over the spoils. I like it, keep writing!

The Greymalkin (signed) 2005/02/28 - This made me smile. Thank you for that. I'm going to go review something else of your's to repay the favor.