You are the flower that blooms so suddenly
Promising them beauty, but
(you're not to blame when it begins)
Wilting even faster;
Explosion-marred skin
Of my dear love child,
Conceived out of careless contraception,
Misconception – you cannot save their
(ruined, naïve) lives.

Optimistic, idealistic
Haloed by daisy chains and rosy-cheeked smiles
You are their trophy of triumph over the nuclear family,
Polymer adhesive binding their chemical imbalance –
Chubby-legged cherub;
I wouldn't expect you to understand
Their selfish, youthful human nature
That created you not out of love
But out of fear
For their oil and water separation.

I would give you my angel wings
And fly you far away, back to the
Fairy-tale from whence you came
If I could save you from their
Nicotine yellow lives, the
Red-palmed abuse I know you've bared –

I would sail you away into the
Ocean still waters & let you drift
Into your mermaid-mommy's arms
If I thought it would keep you from
Their jagged voices and cold nights
Spent hiding under a splintery bed –

I would cover your eyes and tell you
To dream of the better places you'll be
In the morning when this is all a nightmare
But I cannot free you from their grip
And show you the sun to which you belong –
This is not the love you were born for.

Hush now, love child,
You are still love to me.