As I had suspecting throughout my whole life, my mom is a total bitch. This time she went too far. I came home from work today to find all of my posters in my room, gone and in the trash as I found out later the night. She had come into my room after I told numerous to stay out of my room. Thinking it was trash as she does of everything in my room, no matter how important it is to me, she took them and threw them away. This is not the only she has throw away that was very important to me. The list goes on and on, guitar picks(five, not two or three, but five!), books that were on the floor I was reading(one of them being Harry Potter and the Golbelt of Fire), numerous sheets of homework(still yelling at me for getting poor grades), computer disks containing stories and more homework(took forever to rewrite), and the list keeps going. Would it kill her not to go into my room? It's perfectly fine until she comes in.I don't go into her room and start putting things in the trash! God, I was actually having a good day. Well, not anymore. Thanks to Ms. Trasher. I went to take a shower and didn't calm down much(having gripped the soap so hard, it slipped out about five times.) so I decided I should vent a little. That's all have to say. I feel slightly better for those who care.