Challenge #11
Genre: Romance/drama
Rating: Anything
Likes: Something original
Dislikes: Excessive stereotypes
Words/phrases to use: "Let's get out of here."; "No freaking way!"; "You're not funny, okay?"

Comments: The drama part of this might not be so good, cuz I've never written drama like this before. Drama usually to me is like fighting. But this is more like the ex wants him and the girlfriend isn't going to let the ex get him. Oh and sorry to anyone who's name is Melanie. I have nothing against the name or the people who have the name Melanie, I just couldn't think of a name for a evil character in this.

"Amber!" Came my boyfriend's voice as I tried to sneak past him and his friends at the mall. "I thought you said you were sick."

"Uh, I got better?" I said making it a question without realizing it. "I didn't think you would be here. Normally you guys hang out at the skate park.

"Things change." Said Dominic, Drake's best buddy. "So why did you say you were sick?" He took my shopping bags from me and put them on the bench. "What the hell did you buy? The whole mall. Jeez girl, I thought you hated to shop."

"Er, early Christmas shopping." I lied and Drake rolled his eyes. "Fine I'm going away to visit my Aunt Sophie in Montreal this summer and she thinks I'm a druggie because of what I wear so my mom is making me dress normal. Those are her words not mine." I explained and they all looked at each other.

"Oh so I guess you aren't going to come to my party tonight." Dominic said and I looked at him.

"You're kidding me right? Of course I'll be there. Wouldn't miss it for the world." I said as I grabbed my bags from the bench. "But right now I need to go look for a bathing suit. My aunt has an in ground pool. I'm thinking black."

"Can I come?" Drake asked and I looked at him.

"I may love you and you may be my boyfriend, but there is no way I'm letting you see me in a bathing suit. Let alone let you help me shop for one." I said as I started to walk away. "Oh and if you see Brianne, tell her I'll meet her at Hot Topic."

"Yea, yea, don't forget about the party tonight." Dominic called after me.

"What do you take me for, an absentminded idiot?" I called over my shoulder and smiled. "Don't answer that Drake and don't even think about Dominic." I continued on my way to the sporting goods store around the corner. "Boys," I muttered under my breath as soon as I far enough away from them.

Later that night I was standing in front of my floor length mirror just staring at myself. My hair was a dark brown, almost black and it made my eyes appear greener then they really were. My hair fell to the middle of my back and was at the moment up in a pony tail. My eyes were outlined in black and I had on silver eye shadow. My black skirt stopped at my knees and had a slit coming from my knee to mid thigh on one side. A pink scarf was tied around the top of the skirt. I was wearing a half-shirt that had spaghetti straps for sleeves and it was black with pink lettering that said "So much attitude…" on the front and "…so little time" on the back. On my feet were black and pink checkered flip flops. Dangly black earrings and a black tear drop necklace finished the look. All I was waiting for now was for Drake to pick me up. Chances are I would have to walk since he usually forgets what he says.

"Amber, phone!" My mom shouted up the stairs and I jumped not knowing the phone had ran.

I grabbed the extension from the table by my bed and plopped down into my sphere chair. I pressed talk and put the phone to my ear, listening to my friend Brianne start talking before I could say anything. I sighed and rolled my eyes as I waited for a time where I could tell at her to shut up.

"Brie, shut up." I shouted and she stopped talking immediately. "You're at Dominic's party right?" She said yes and I smiled. "Well Drake should be here in a minute, think you could tell me all this when I get to the party? Thank you." I hung up without waiting for an answer.

I put the phone back in it's cradle and stood up. I stood in front of the window looking out at the driveway waiting for the boyfriend that was twenty minutes late. I made up my mind. If he wasn't there in ten minutes I was getting my mom to drive me to Brianne's which was down the street from the party. I would walk from there to get to the party. I saw a car pull into the driveway and I started to leave but then realized it was my dad coming home from work. I plopped back down into my sphere chair and grabbed my sketchbook and drawing pencils. I heard another car pull up what seemed like seconds later and I heard my older brother pounding up the stairs stopping at my door. He opened the door without knocking and walked in, only to sit on my bed.

"What?" I asked when I felt his eyes on me. "Can't find your own room, it's down the hall to the left."

"Haha." He said sarcastically. "Are you going to the party at Dominic's?" I nodded and I heard his keys jingle. "Drake asked me to drive you. He was getting out of work late."

"Joy, being stuck in my brothers car for ten minutes." I muttered and he laughed. "Are we going or what?" I asked as I put my art materials away and stood up. "We don't have all night. I bet you the police will show up at midnight and tell everyone to go home. Which leaves three hours."

My older brother rolled his eyes and grabbed my arms dragging me from the room. We ran down the stairs and out the door both of us yelling good-bye to our parents before the door shut behind us. I slid into the passenger seat of my brothers 79 mustang. I shut the door and put my seatbelt on while my brother started the car. The Ramones Have a Nice Day blaring from the speakers. I settled back into the seat and grabbed at the door as my brother took a sharp turn. I glared at him and muttered under my breath about how he would kill everyone with the way he drives. Five minutes later, which it should have taken ten minutes to get there instead of five, we were parked at the curb behind Drake's fully restored 68 mustang. Before my brother stopped the car fully I was out the door the seatbelt flinging back into the car as I walked towards the door to the house. I pushed the door open and walked in, my senses assaulted by loud music, the smoke from too many cigarettes, and the smell of smoke, alcohol and perfume. I scanned the hall and the adjacent dining room looking for drake or someone who would know where Drake was. I walked through the swinging door into the kitchen and stepped aside to avoid hitting someone carrying three beers in his hands. Seeing that Drake wasn't in the kitchen I went into the living room looking at the couch where Dominic was making out with his girlfriend, Brianne, of three years. I searched the crowd for Drake and then alighted on the stairs where another couple was making out. He was either upstairs, in the basement, or in the backyard.

"Hey Amber!" Called Dominic from behind me and I turned to see Brianne straightening her skirt. "You should probably head out back and save Drake from his ex."

"Thanks." I said and took of running towards the patio doors behind the couch. "Watch out." I called to a girl as I ran towards the door she was standing in front of. "Drake!" I called once I was outside. "Hey where are you?" I looked around and saw him sitting on the hammock trying to get rid of the girl sitting next to him.

I rolled my eyes and started forward when some guy knocked into me sending me backwards against the porch stairs. I hit the stairs and groaned at the pain from hitting the cement of the bottom step. I pushed myself up and glared at the man standing in front of me. He was one of Drake's ex's brothers. I growled inwardly and stood before him knowing he wouldn't let me by. He stared back at me and I saw the determination and hate in his eyes. It took almost all my strength to push him aside, but even that didn't get him to stop bothering me. By now Drake's ex was trying to get him to kiss her and I was pissed. Drake was trying to get rid of her, but she wasn't moving an inch, unless it was to move closer to her. I glared at the man who grabbed me and slammed my heel into his foot while pushing him backwards. As soon as he fell backwards I passed by him and stood before Drake and his ex.

"Melanie please get away from my boyfriend before I have Dominic through you out of the party." I hissed trying to control my anger, this was not how I wanted this night to go.

"Why should I? He's not your property." She hissed back and I rolled my eyes.

"I did say he was my boyfriend, didn't I?" I asked and looked over at Drake. "D, is this girl bothering you?" I asked sweetly and he laughed nodding. "Alright then, Melanie, I believe he wants you to leave. He is after all my boyfriend."

"…You don't deserve him." Melanie sneered as she moved towards me.

"I know and you don't either." I muttered but it was loud enough to drake and Melanie to hear. "Let's get out of here." I whispered grabbing Drake's hand. "I'm beginning to think coming here tonight was a bad idea."

I turned away from Melanie and walked towards the house, not really knowing if drake was following me. As I passed by the man who had blocked me from getting to drake I kicked him in the side. I shoved my way past a few people standing near the door and walked inside looking around for Dominic. He wasn't at the couch anymore so I started up the backstairs to the floor above us. I walked towards the attic stairs knowing he had his room up there. Not wanting to intrude on anything I knocked on the door at the bottom of the stairs and opened it, knowing there was another door at the top. I could hear the music from downstairs all the way up here. But Dom's dad was also an electrician so he could have wired the speakers up here. I sighed and knocked on the doorjamb even thought I didn't hear anything.

"I thought I saw you coming up here." Dominic said from behind me and I almost jumped a mile.

"Dammit Dom, don't scare me like that." I hissed as I spun around to face him. "Anyway, I was coming to find you, hence why I'm up here. I'm going to leave and Drake is too, I think. I'll catch up with you later."

"This is because of Melanie." Dom said as if he knew everything. "She should learn to shut her mouth and get someone else." He growled and clenched his fist. "If I had my way I'd tie her up, put her in the trunk of my car, drive to the top of a mountain and push the car off with her inside."

"There are mountains in Florida." Drake said from the bottom of the stairs.

"Who said it had to be in Florida?" Dominic retorted.

"You're not funny, okay?" I said to Dominic who laughed. "Are we leaving Drake or are we going to stay here and chat all day?"

"Wow, is it like your time of the month or something?" Dominic asked and I resisted the urge to push him down the stairs. "I take that back…" He trailed of as he saw the not so happy look on Drake's face. "Er, see you two later. We still on for the beach tomorrow? Amber, where that bathing suit you got today, Brianne said it was a bikini."

"Hands off my girl Dominic." Drake said trying to sound threatening but failing since we all knew Dominic was joking. "Come on Amber, I had your brother start my car." I let him put his arm around me and lead down the stairs.

"Bye Dominic, see you at the beach tomorrow." I called over my shoulder. "Drake…"

"We need to talk. I say we go to the park near your house and talk there." Something was troubling him and I was sure I knew what it was. "Come on. Your brother won't be to happy guarding my car for longer then twenty minutes. I'm pretty sure he's checked out the engine and undercarriage by now."

I let him lead along down the hall while I smiled at people I knew scowled at those I hated and looked down when I saw Melanie and her friends. I almost stumbled down stairs and into Drake as we went them to the first floor. I collided into someone and muttered a quick sorry as I quickened my step to keep up the man dragging me towards the front of the house. Drake moved me just in time to stop me from sideswiping the front door on our way out. For someone who drives he sure can't make sure the person he's dragging doesn't knock into anything along the way. Of course I would never say that and hurt his ego. I laughed quietly to myself and smiled at my brother as he started towards us.

"Amber, be home by midnight or I'll tell mom you're sleeping with your boyfriend." He joked and I rolled my eyes as I hit him over the head.

"Wait, bro, did you ever send out those letters to those colleges? Mom wanted me to ask you. Something about you telling her to leave you the freaking hell alone or something."

"Yes I sent them out. I got excepted to Harvard." He said and I choked knowing it was one of the places he had jokingly applied to.

"No freaking way!" I shouted and he laughed. "Are you joking?"

"No, I'm not joking. I'm an A student you know." My brother said and drake and I looked at each other before bursting out with laughter. "It's not funny. You can look at my report cards if you want."

"No thanks." I managed to say between laughs. "Come on Drake, let's get out of here so we can talk."

"Sure, don't forget to buckle up." He retorted and I rolled my eyes as I opened the passenger side door.

"Here I was thinking you had gotten rid of the seatbelts. So now you're saying their still there." I muttered loud enough for him to hear as we both got in. "I'm amazed. I thought you were going to throw them out. I guess your parents found out and said they'd take the car away if you threw them out." He looked over at me tried to glare, but only smiled.

He put the car in drive and turned the wheel to the left to get out from between my brothers car and the one in front of Drake's. He went into the neighbors driveway and then switched into reverse to pull out so we could head the opposite direction. After driving for ten minutes that seemed like an hour because of the silence between us we stopped at the park and Drake turned his mustang off. Neither of us made a move to get out and drake only undid his seatbelt so he could turn to look at me. I looked down, wondering what he was going to say.

"You think you're not good enough for me? That you don't deserve me?" He asked disbelieving and I nodded not trusting my own voice. "Amber, I wouldn't be dating you if I thought you didn't deserve me, or if you weren't good enough for me."


"Let me finish." He said laying his hand across my own. "If anyone thinks they don't deserve the person they're dating it should be me."


"I'm not finished. We both deserve to date each other. Melanie deserves to just go away and date someone else. I broke up with her for a reason and I'm not going back to her no matter what she tries." He broke off and smiled at me. "Do you understand where I'm going with this?"

"That you want to be with me. A girl you probably won't be able to see all summer because I have to visit my aunt."

"We can get passed that. Maybe I can talk my parents into going on vacation where you're going to be so we can see each other even if it's only for a few hours."

"You're so cute when you try to think, you know that?" I said surprising myself and him.

"I'm cute?"

"Only when you try to think."


I started to laugh. "I'm joking. You're cute all the time and I still think I don't deserve to be dating you, no matter what you say." He shook his head and went to start the car. "Why don't we go for a walk instead of you just driving me home seeing as my house is over there." I pointed behind us to a house on the corner.

"Alright." He agreed and opened the door as he pulled his keys from the ignition.

I undid my seatbelt and pushed open the door. I got out and shut it behind me smiling as Drake held out his hand for me to take. So I took it and we started to walk towards my house on the corner. I yanked him towards a bench and sat down. He rolled his eyes and sat down beside me putting his arm around my shoulders. I lay my head on his shoulder and sighed.

"So I'll pick you up to take you to the beach tomorrow?" He asked.


"Wear that black bikini you bought."


Well I really hope this is ok. The drama part is probably horrible since I'm not good at writing dramas. The romance is probably bad also. I should probably have made them kiss. But my view of romance is probably far different then some other peoples.