The loud clanking of heavy, metal soled boots against hard, cold tile echoed through the walls behind them. The faint scraping of the rushed footsteps up ahead was the only other sound in the long, narrow, white hallway.

As they made their way through the large building, the taller man looked around and into the uncovered windows of the surrounding cells. Uncaring, he turned his gaze once more to the smaller man ahead of him, currently serving as his guide.

"Ah, here we are, sir. Right this way." The shorter man said feigning calm.

The dark haired man glared down at the wavering blonde. He was trying too hard…

He then entered through the opened door and into the room without a word…just as he had entered the building.

Surrounded instantly in nothing but darkness and more artificial light, he turned his gaze toward the figure in the seat directly to his right. The room was filled with computers shifting their images every thirty seconds or so, people sitting in chairs in front of them, and silence other than the beeping and humming of the monitors.

"Mr. Julliard, I'm pleased to see that you made it on time; as always, of course. I don't believe that we've ever met in person, allow me to introduce myself. I am John Mathis-Jean, owner and founder of this beautiful and highly illegal corporation." He held out his hand in a polite gesture.

"I didn't come here to have tea," said a hard, cold voice. "I'm only here to collect what should've been delivered to my doorstep." He gave a pointed look to the greying man. Greying in both skin and hair.

There was more silence for a moment. In the already quiet room it seemed almost deafening compared to his loud voice. Then, "Look, Reiketsu, I don't like it either," he said sitting back down in front of his monitor, "But I can't just go sending things like that through the mail. And I can't risk exposure."

"Why didn't you just have one of your slaves deliver it personally? They seem to enjoy doing that for me…"

Lifting his eyes up to the computer, the old man continued surveying the white room as it flashed across the screen. Seeing a man tied down to a bed and supposedly sleeping, he, now contented, turned to look at Reiketsu. Seeing the unfaltering angry glare, he sighed and once more began to speak in his defense. "You know I can't trust them with this type of thing, Julliard. They are my employees, not my allies. If I even mentioned something like this to them…I don't even know. But I do know that this is between me and you…and whoever the hell else happens to be eavesdropping." John turned around to look at the stiff female worker sitting beside him.

"MATHIS, I only ask simple things of you, and you turn them into covert and highly inefficient procedures! Why couldn't you just pick the shit up and deliver it to me personally?! You know how I hate attention and that's ALL I seem to be getting here!" He shot another glance to the now trembling female.


A faint beeping sound signaling the scene change coming from the computer went unheard, but what followed was what stopped the old man and wrenched both of their gazes toward the screen.

There sat a boy with long red hair that pooled on the floor around him, dark honey eyes, and lightly browned skin. He was kneeling on the floor in front of the camera looking straight at it. Screaming. He was screaming at the camera. Not saying anything at all, just…screaming at it.

Reiketsu forgot to breathe.

"Wh-who is that? Why is he screaming like that? ...SOMEBODY ANSWER ME!"


"That only lasts about thirty seconds every two hours. Then the image shifts to another person's room. We sent a guard down there the other day, but he heard no screaming other than those times. He seems to be…resisting. I'm sure I can pull up his files if you're interested."

Receiving a glare and a nod from Reiketsu, the woman paled and minimized the program. The background revealed an assortment of monkeys… She was quick to click on the appropriate icon. Her pale complexion now tinged pink. She typed in a quick flurry of information and then hit 'enter' key. "Heh, ah-ahem. Here we are!" She put on a false cheerful voice that only earned her another irritated glare from the dark green-haired man.

Reiketsu toyed with his lip ring while reading over the boy -or rather the "young man's"- profile.

Name: Tyler C. Bennington

Age: 21

Sex: Male

D.O.B.: June 12, 2010

Hair: Red

Eye: Hazel

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 177 lbs

Personal: Parent/guardian-deceased

Spouse and/or siblings-none

Status: Unclaimed

"What's with the sudden interest, Julliard?"

Reiketsu pried his silver stare away from the monitor once more and looked toward the old man.

"He is still unclaimed?"

"Ye-yes he is, sir," spoke the blonde woman.

He turned his gaze away from John and onto the woman. "Why?"

"We-well, sir, his screaming drives the customers off. They are drawn to him as he is new and very…well, yes, but he has very violent tendencies. When they first cap- found him, he got very hostile, but he is actually much calmer now." She looked nervously up at him.

"Mathis, I want him."

"But, you can't just-"

"I said I want him…"

"Fine. But since he is new, and rather attractive, he will be expensive."

"How about you keep and I pay you thirty percent of the original price. You keep your health, your employees, your company, and I take him off your hands…what a great deal, wouldn't you agree?"

John swallowed audibly, not fully sure of what the nineteen-year-old was capable of. "Real cute. Did your father teach you that one, Julliard?"

"Yes, you're right. It is an excellent deal. I expect him delivered to my doorstep by tomorrow afternoon…surely you won't be too BUSY to send someone over?"

Reiketsu shoved his braided hair over his shoulder and turned away with a delighted smirk on his face. Before he left the building, possibly forever, he spoke as if hit by a sudden afterthought, "Oh and…before I forget, THHHAAANNK YOUUUU!" he said slowly in a sing-song voice as if speaking to child.

Then he promptly left…leaving the room silent once more…until, "Angelica, call the guards and tell them to get the tranquilizer. I want cell 005972 empty by 12:00p.m. tomorrow," growled an angry John.


Everything was black. I opened my eyes slowly, waiting for the white of my cell to overwhelm me. But it didn't.

In fact, everything was still black. I looked around and found myself lying down in the back of a limousine. I sat up and looked at the guard sitting across from me. I asked him, "Where the hell am I going now?" as I put on my seat belt with difficulty do to handcuffs. Fuckin' jerks didn't even make sure I was buckled in.

"Doctor's orders. Congratulations, you've been sold. We're taking you to the guy's house now."


The-they sold me? I wasn't so much surprised at that, but the fact that my house just so happened to have burned down while my parents and I were in it, and somehow I was the only survivor and that I just so happened to get kidnapped in the frenzy made it all the more devastating to find out that they actually SOLD me. And to a guy…I hope he's stupid but not ugly like the last guy that tried to buy his way into my pants…


There was a blonde lady with glasses…she walked into my cell. I was going to kill her, but decided she looked too innocent to die in this filthy mental institution/whore house.

"Hello, my name is Angelica. I'm co-owner of this establishment." A man walked in behind her…his eyes widened when he saw me. I made it a point to look particularly innocent and even put my finger in my mouth. He practically came on the spot.

He was an ugly, skinny, bald man, with bad teeth, and he smelled like shit even from all the way over here. Although, it was half-assed covered by some expensive cologne or other.

I knew what he was here for. It's been a week since I've been in here already and the first guy was too scared to even notice that I almost castrated him and snatched his toupee off while he ran for his life.

"Although we've had some mishaps in the past," this Angelica person started, "He is a very quiet one. I'm sure he would do well to please you." She plastered on a fake smile and winced as he walked closer…her smile wavering as his scent hit her nose.

I smiled shyly at him, hoping to get his attention. He knew this was the only way he could ever have someone like me. To buy them…when they are being forcibly sold of course. He walked closer to me and reached out his hand to touch my hair…his nails were dirty…


I screamed at him and slapped his hands away and he looked startled. I continued screaming and formed my hands into fists and socked wildly at his ugly face. Angelica looked surprised and realized that the door was still opened.

Before I had time to react, she ran out of the door, but not before shutting and locking it. I looked down at the guy who was crying…I was standing now and my hair reached the back of my knees. Angelica returned with three guards, one nurse, and a very large needle…this sucks.

-end flashback-

I felt the limo stop and felt a wave of nausea wash over me. I guess they decided that giving me access to the buyer before they actually bought me was not a good idea. I tried to twist my wrists out the painful handcuffs. Were these things really necessary? ...Yeeeaah, never mind.

The door opened and the guard across from me gave me a look through his sunglasses. Well…this is it…at least through all the shit that's happened to me in the past month, I hadn't been physically hurt, aside from the bruises from resisting the tranquilizers. Maybe I can still escape from my new…master? Keeper? I don't know what he is…this place is huge. I'd probably get lost going to the bathroom. Damn it.

The guard appeared behind me. He poked my back with what I hoped was a gun. Thankfully, someone had braided my hair, and only a few stray pieces curled up to my waist. I hope their hands were clean. The driver, I supposed, rang the doorbell. She looked at me and checked me out with a look of disgust on her face.

I flipped her off with both hands, since it would look stupid otherwise.

She looked away quickly as a very tall man opened the door. Is THIS the guy? He's not too HORRIBLE looking, but he's so OLD! What would I be doing, reading him bedtime stories?

"Ah, yes. You must be Tyler." He looked me up and down. "I can see what Master Reiketsu was talking about…follow me."

The guard shoved me forward and the driver walked back to the car and waited.

I gasped at the large and open marble floor of this guy's house. To the left, there was a hallway and a beautiful room just out of sight; whereas, if you went straight from the entryway, you would end up going upstairs. Straight ahead and to the far right was a large spacious white room. With a large window to the right of the open entrance. It was covered with white silk curtains and the room had various white and gold themed things.

Needless to say, this place was so fucking cool! I wouldn't mind being a freakin' servant boy if I got to stay here.

I looked over to the left of this room after beng led to it and saw a large, white piano. There was a man sitting in front of it in a chair. A very lovely white chair with gold trim, might I add. This man was clashing horribly with the room. Especially with his green ponytail and black shirt. And then he turned around…and at that moment I forgot about the rest of the room as it all faded away and our eyes met.

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