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He was even more beautiful in person. I couldn't stand to look into those gorgeous eyes while he was actually looking back. I know, that's not something you would expect from the almighty Reiketsu. But, he's older than me. Not like that changes anything. But, I still have a little respect for him, even if he does look sexy in those handcuffs. And those eyes seem like they're boring into my soul…Well we can't have that now can we?

"I am Reiketsu Julliard if they haven't already informed you… You now belong to me."

I watched as the over-muscled bodyguard's grin snaked its way onto his stubbly face. He nudged my Tyler. That's right, bitch. That cute ass and everything he is belongs to me. Shit.

"….Why did you buy me?" He asks after getting over the disgust of the ugly man.

"Because you weren't mine."

"What, that doesn't make any fucking sense."

"I bought you because you were available, and if I didn't, someone else would have. If look around and shut the fuck up you'd be grateful. You could have ended up with some disgusting fat fuck. Ass…"

He looks stupid. In a cute way... I hate how I'm using the word "cute" constantly. It isn't befitting for someone of my stature. I have a reputation to maintain.

He looks around the room a bit and I'm glad for a moment that he's not looking directly at me, but then I realize how close that bastard is to him. I mentally growl. But on the outside I'm glaring at that bitch and telling him to scoot back a couple of feet. Tyler's not going anywhere, even if he tried.

"Stay here…." I was somewhat prepared for this moment, yet it was still undecided whether or not I should go on with it or not. But I decided better to be safe than to waste effort on something more difficult. I returned to the room to see the idiot staring at the piano and the bastard staring at the idiot.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

They both jumped and the idiot looked up at me with wide, scared eyes…then he looked down at my hands and his eyes got wider. Even if it wasn't possible.

"Not you, Idiot. That thing behind you." I said this as I walked closer to them both, leaning down to attach the chains around his feet and connect it to his hand cuffs, so he wouldn't be able to move his hands without moving his feet.

The big guy backed off a bit more after that, and he let go completely of Tyler. Better.

"Leave now and tell your boss that I expect all of my deliveries…delivered."

He nodded a curt nod and walked briskly out of the door. Like he had somewhere important to go…

"So, your name is Tyler?" I asked as if I hadn't read his profile repeatedly the night before.

"Yes….it is. Who are you, besides Reisu…or whatever?"

"I am your new master…I do not wish to harm you in any way, but I will if need be. I just want you to belong to me. A bit selfish of me, but I was entranced by your beauty and I just couldn't let anyone else have you," I smiled at this. Don't we all love implied meanings…

He blushed a little bit. I'm sure he was fully aware of how beautiful he was.

"Well, Master, How old are you?"

What a cute question, and fuck does he learn quickly. A pang of heat shot through me. Yes, I am tall, but he's taller than me. About three inches.

"I'm nineteen, and my birthday is on October fifth; in two months. Happy early birthday to me!"

"You're fuckin' nineteen?! And you bought me? What the hell?"

"I know you don't have a problem with that because if you did, I would have a problem and problems require solutions. You understand."

I stared up at his face and watched his emotions as they flitted across his face…There's shock, anger, and confusion. Not many people can pull this look off. Once again the word cute comes to mind as he puts on a disappointed pout that I doubt he's aware of.

"As I now own you, I expect you to tend to my every need. When I ask a question, I expect it to be answered without fuss. I am allowing you to ask questions, but ask them wisely. You are not, I repeat, are not to go wandering the estate without my consent, and if you ever happen to run into my father, say nothing. Those are my rules. You will sleep in my room and will be tended to. If you go against anything I say, or do you will be punished."

He looked at me for a second longer than he should have. I keep trying to stay composed, but those eyes. Ugh…life.

He glances around the room briefly before inspecting his new metal accessory. Then he says quietly, "Do-do you play the piano?"

"Yes, I do. Ever since I was eight-years-old I have played and practiced. But I haven't done that for a while now…" I look away hoping he doesn't notice my wince. Wait, why should I be embarrassed? He doesn't even know.

I regain my control and tell him to follow me. He does without much complaint of course.

I guide him slowly up a flight of stairs and explain to him that he shouldn't stay on this floor any longer than it was necessary to reach the next flight of stairs. Of course he asked why…but I didn't have to answer. We reached the third floor.

"This is my floor. Everything here belongs to me. Everything. If you ever find the need to wander around, you are free to do so, but you may not ask for access to those locked doors. They are locked for reasons. You don't have to worry about my father coming up here either. He never does." He never did.

"So, what will I be doing here? Just walking around for the rest of my life?"

"Well it IS good exercise, so don't complain." Honestly I had only a few ideas of what to do with my impulse buy and no concept of how long I'd keep him. By the time our conversation was over, we had walked down the hallway completely and passed four doors and stopped at the fifth from the staircase. "This is my bedroom."

I unlocked the door with the custom made key, and I opened it for the entire world to see where the great Reiketsu slumbers.

"HOLY SHIT! This is your room!?" He gaped at my elegant lair. Yes…this is my room.

I strode over to my bed and sat down on it nonchalantly, as if I didn't want to just flop back and cuddle with him. Damn his adorable ass is fucking up my edginess.

I watched him throw his gaze incredulously around the room. He took in the black walls and white marble floor and dark green granite counters extending into the ensuite. Yes I have counters in the far side of my room. With a mirror above it carved from a dark wood of some sort. He looked at the intricate design that covered the black paint of my walls.

Panthers appeared to be watching you relentlessly with their yellow and amber eyes, boring into your every action and judging you. Yes, I loved panthers, and that would explain why I have one in one of my rooms. He doesn't know that yet, but he'll find out...

Underneath my overly large king sized bed piled high with black silk sheets and frilly green and black pillows was a rug of some sort that appeared like grass. I loved it. It gave an earthy and natural feel to my room. Directly in front of my bed was a big screen TV. I only used it to watch cartoons, anime, and something I rather not discuss at this moment. Having a whole floor to yourself has its advantages….

On the ceiling above my bed were mirrors. I loved them also. They served many...many purposes. Yeah….anyway, on the other side of my room was a large black leather couch with the same fluffy pillows that adorned my bed. I had a custom-made black glass night stand on each side of my bed. On each of them rested various candles that were also littered across the rest of my room. In between each side of the room and my bed were two large windows that were curtained off with a dark green silk.

The last and most important feature of my room, aside from the conjoined bathroom and walk in closet, was the large painting hanging only a few inches above my headboard. It was of a beautiful fairy woman lying languidly among a few panthers in a forest-type setting.

"Whoa, oh my God, it's all so beautiful! I love the panthers!" In his excitement he raised his arms, forgetting about the chains apparently, and quite literally tripped himself. His dark red hair flopped in its braid heavily around him as he caught himself, landing palms and knees down on the hard marble floor. "Gah!"

Cute. Ugh there it is again. When he finally pulls himself up, the first thing he sees is me on the edge of my bed, but then his eyes shift behind me and to the painting. I hear a faint gasp as he stares at the picture entranced.

"Wow…she's beautiful." He glanced at me and then back at the painting. "She looks just like you." Realizing his mistake, he blushed and stuttered a, "N-no, um, I-I meant that she, um, and you, look alike. Not that you're like beautiful or any fucking thing. I mean...shit."

No matter how adorable that display just was, I still can't erase the sadness that overtakes my entire aura. "It's my mother…" He looked back at the painting and gaped at me….

'"THAT'S your mother? Is she really that gorgeous? Oh my God!"

"She was…"

He looked at me and his fascination and envy quickly dissolved into an apologetic concern. "Oh man, I-I'm so sorry, Reiketsu. I- I didn't mean to-"

"It's alright…it's not your fault she killed herself…look, just-just go and wander around the floor or something. I...I need to think."

He looked as if he was about to cry and apologize again, but I stopped him with a look and he nodded and left the room slowly so as not to trip again.

I looked at the door to make sure he was truly gone, and yes it was shut and quiet. I took off my boots, and they dropped with a clank to the marble and rug beneath the bed as I crawled up towards the portrait. I gently touched her face and ran my fingers down her long black hair that ran into the black fur of a panther. "Mother. I miss you so much. I can't stand it here. I- I'm thinking of…joining you. I hate it so much, Mother, I just want to end it."

The portrait seemed to glow in disapproval, then shine in a reassuring gesture.

"I know, Ma. But, I just can't stand Dad anymore, it's getting out of control and I don't know if I can control him. It scares me…the things he does I mean." I gently touched her hand with my index finger.

"I have this new toy. Maybe he'll be a distraction...a break from all this. I think I have a bit of a crush on him already. He's almost as beautiful as you."

"You're not that old, Mother….well you can't tell. I love you too, Mom. Protect him? I'll try, but I might have some trouble keeping them away from him. Yes, Mother…I wish you were here so I could hug you. Ah! I'm not a mama's boy! I mean…well, BYE MOM!" I kissed the portrait and flopped back onto the bed with a contented sigh. I feel much better after speaking with Mother, but for some reason I'm so sleepy suddenly. I'll just rest my eyes…for a…second…

I slowly left the room. I didn't mean to upset him. Great job, self, great job. I sighed and walked to the sixth door. It was the last door in the hallway. The white marble reflected the soft, warm glow from the sun outside the window at the end of the hall.

I tried to turn the door handle, but it wouldn't move. Locked. Well I guess I won't ever know what's in there.

I turn back around and walk the whole unnecessary twenty feet from the sixth door to the fourth. I turn the door handle and push. To my surprise, this room is jam-packed with games and computers and all sorts of fun electronic things. Of course that means I can use them since the door was unlocked. I'm trying to contain my joy, but it's very hard and I can't help but giggling stupidly and clapping my hands at my twisted luck.

I decide to come back to this and examine the other three rooms. I opened the third door and in it was about ten or so shelves full of books. This room was the biggest so far, but that's because this and the second room were combined. The walls were dark red and I was surprised that it was almost the exact same color as my hair and the bookshelves were a light brown wood. I don't know what type of wood it was, but it was almost the same color as my eyes and I was freaked out that this library reminded me of me. But that didn't stop me from looking around.

I was happy to see that these books were, in fact, in alphabetical order. I reached for one and read the title. To Kill a Mockingbird; I remember reading that book in school. I hated it. Great message and all, but just too boring in its normalcy. I prefer fantasy, but if it's sexy boy-love, then I don't mind the genre. Okay so maybe I'm actually super homo and getting sold to a hot, rich, seemingly okay guy wasn't the worst situation. Way better than where and who I came from...

I exited through the second door with full intentions of reading each and every one of those books. This led me to the question I've been dying to ask. How long would I be here? Stay here with Reiketsu? How long does he want me? Wait, he wants me. I keep pushing that to the back of my mind. He's still younger than me, and I can't believe that he owns me (albeit illegally), but he is very (insanely) attractive, and that dyed hair and lip ring are to die for.

All of these thoughts raced though my mind in only a few seconds and now I'm standing in front of the first door from the staircase. I smell the same smell I did when we reached the top of the stairs, and it was oddly calming in a nature-ish sort of way. Like fresh, wet grass and wood or something. I opened the door and to my complete and utter shock, this room was like a miniature forest. Much like the painting, but still very different. It was so alive. There was a light mist covering the place and bright green plants covered the whole room. I could barely make out a large window or opening of some sort at the far end of the maze of vegetation. Bright pink and orange flowers sprouted randomly along with other colors like white and red.

I was mesmerized by the intoxicating scent of the foliage and something else that I couldn't quite place my finger on. That's when I saw it; the large leaf with dew droplets on it swaying swiftly back and forth with a sudden motion.

I was freaked out, but I decided it must have been a caretaker or a breeze from the slightly open window…which was very far away. But then I practically jumped out of my skin when I heard a low rumbling noise to my direct left, the opposite of the leaf. I turned towards the sound and almost pissed myself as I saw a good-sized, sleek, vicious-looking panther staring intensely at me. I stood stock-still with fear and then realized that this wasn't a bee and wouldn't go away, but would pounce on me being an open target and all.

I slowly stepped backward towards the still open door -which I had just noticed was steel on the inside- and mentally cursed the chains constricting my movements. I stared it right in the eyes as its growling continued and it bared its sharp and scary fangs at me. To my surprise they were very pearly. But that's not the point…hopefully.

Any way, I tried to reach the door handle behind me and tip-toe at the same time. And then it screech/roared or some indescribably cool and incredulously frightening sound and lunged at me claw first.

In a nervous panic I ran out of the room forgetting about closing the door all the way and ran down the hall…

When I got past the third the door I turned around and tripped over myself again. The panther had opened the door fully and was now chasing me down the hall. Okay, I admit it. I pissed myself. I tried to get up and run somewhere away from it. I don't know why I didn't run into one of these rooms that were unlocked. But I didn't and that doesn't matter because I ran straight to Reiketsu's room. It lunged at me again and slid across the marble and into the wall under the window as I entered the room and slammed the door behind me.

"Ahh, fuck." I looked up out of breath to see Reiketsu sitting on the edge of the bed like he had been before, but his eyes were different. It scared the shit outta me…more than the panther thing because I was trapped here.

His grey eyes seemed a hard silver and were darkened with something.

"The- there's a panther in your- hallway."

He stood up and came straight toward me and I backed away from the door a little bit as he opened it. The panther was right there growling. But then it looked up at Reiketsu and jumped up on him much like a dog, which I finally noticed it was barely the size of. It must have only been a few months old.

It reached up and put its paws on Reiketsu's abdomen, claws retracted and looking into its master's eyes lovingly. Seeing as Reiketsu just stood there glaring at it, the panther got the hint and jumped down, and with one last sad look behind it, it proceeded to walk dejectedly toward the room it jumped out from and…actually pushed the door closed behind it. Yeah that's gonna be me soon.

Reiketsu then turned back toward me and I nervously stuck my head back in the room and stepped back a few steps when he walked back in. He locked the door behind him and turned to look at me…I mean, really LOOK at me.

It felt good to have his eyes on me, but I was still terrified. So I decided to break the silence because it was getting to me.

"Uh, what are you doing, Reiket-"

"Don't you dare call me Reiketsu. That pathetic fool. I am Kaito…and you belong to me."

'Oh fuck, I'm screwed' was the last thought that went through my head before he grabbed me and pinned me to the bed.

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