Erase My Memory

By Tomomo

Poet's Note: Look we're all guilty of spoilingendings for someone during our lives but when you spoil the ending of a Harry Potter novel that's taking it too far. This is a poem written out of frustration and is a passioniate cry to any spoilers out there. Please just shut up. Thankyou.

'Oh my God I did not hear what you just said'

'Welcome to stage one, DENIAL!' says the voice inside my head

'I'm not listening, I'm not listening,' continues my voiceless drawl,

Trying to block out what you just said

I feel like screaming my throat raw.

Today my world came crashing down

I back away from you slowly,

For you are the slayer of dreams, a spoiler

The lowest of the lowly.

My breath is shallow and you're voice is echoing

In thehollow emptiness my mind is becoming.

Why haven't you mastered the art of subtlety?

Thanks for telling it straight to my face!

You know you could have given me a warning,

But no, you cut to the chase.

Our greatest gift and our greatest curse

Oh how ignorance is bliss!

Please desert a radius of 5 kilometres

You won't want to be near when I'm pissed!

And yes, I am angry, you stupid piece of fuck,

Please excuse my language,

Maybe that was a tad bit harsh...

So instead I'll be the gracious one,

Myself I am to blame.

I should have gone into hermitage,

See look how you've made me insane?!

But life is full of surprises,

And you certainly shocked me today,

Had I read the book unaware

Could I in all honesty say?

That at the moment of truth when all was revealed,

Would my heart have raced?

My head have reeled?

Like I have experienced today?

You know you're words are there still

A dirty stain on my brain.

I whisper to you

'Come closer my friend. Come, feel my pain.'

You still can't grasp the meaning of empathy

And I'm still disturbed,

'I am not listening.'

But thank you for showing me the extremities of emotion

I can only say 'Oh well',

But you don't care

And that's your weapon,


Burn in hell.