The Fault Is Mine


Hair as black as the Raven,

You sit there in your haven

Of love,

And friends

And foolish thoughts,

Not knowing of the battles I've fought,

To keep my love for you inside,

For you wouldn't notice I was gone,

If I died

And the fault is mine and only mine…

I've asked myself time and again

What out of this love I would gain

And I find that it is only pain.

And then I find it is myself,

Who prevents you from feeling the same.

For I'm afraid to feel the shame

Of you rejecting me,

I ruined any chance there was for us, my love, to be.

What will it take for me to show you?

What will it take for you to see?

You were my fear,

My love,

And are now my death

And the fault is mine and only mine…

AN: If anyone recognizes this poem it was also on fanfiction in the POV of Draco Malfoy, if you look at the penname I am that same author. Hope you enjoyed!