Okay. So maybe she had made a mistake. Maybe it wasn't the best idea. Maybe they were all right. It did look kind of funny, when she thought about it; a prom dress out of duct tape. But it's not like it was a total waste. She did get the scholarship, right? And she did get her picture in the yearbook. But still, they were right. It did look really bad. Not to mention the fact that it was incredibly sticky. (She had run out of duct tape before she could layer the inside of the dress.) Hopefully it was one of those events that she could look back on and laugh about. Laugh the way her friends had laughed at the prom last night. She hadn't been laughing then. She had been crying. She had totally forgotten the reason why she had even made the dress. Oh, yeah. That's right. It's because she's poor. It's because she had no real talents to get scholarships for, so she applied for all the obscure ones. The fake blonde scholarship, the street-performing mime scholarship, the star trek convention scholarship, the build-your-own television scholarship, the duct tape prom dress scholarship. The list goes on and on. Up until this point, none of the scholarships had been humiliating. Okay, so maybe a few eyebrows were raised when the Asian girl walked in with blonde hair, but nothing enough to make her cry.

She had always been the exception to those Asian clich├ęs. She was not thin. She was seventy pounds overweight. She was not intelligent. She did rather poorly on all those IQ exams. (In fact, her sixth-grade teacher recommended her for a special needs program.) She felt that she was a disappointment to the Asian race.