WARNING! This fiction contains male/male relationships. Please do not flame me. If you do so I shall refer you back to this warning and suggest that you take reading lessons. For the rest of you. Please feel free to enjoy.

Mitsukai Uta

Chapter One- Our angel

Rein was apprehensive as he stared at the large building before him. How could he have let Ami talk him into this? This was sheer madness. He chewed his lip gently as he contemplated whether he would actually be going through with this or not. Sighing softly, he was just about to turn and leave when a voice behind him halted his retreat.


Rein turned at the sudden enquiry. He stared wide-eyed at what to him at least was an imposing man. Kizaku-san was an eccentric man. Who in this business wasn't? His hair was cut in different lengths, colored with purple, green and blue streaks. Okay, so he'd be the first to admit it, for a man who was usually behind the scenes this was going a bit far but it was who he was and the looks he was often on the receiving end of did not bother him one bit. In fact, he rather enjoyed them, maybe a bit too much, but what was life for if not to 'live'.

He contemplated the boy before him. Wide eyes stared at him from a delicate pale face. One blue, the other purple. Rather unusual but that had been one of the factors playing in the boys favor. Pale wispy creamy blond hair escaped from a ponytail, the lad had obviously attempted to confine it to. All in all, the youth looked like a deer caught in headlights. Kizaku grinned. "I am Keichi Kizaku. I'm so glad you could make it"

Rein blushed the moment he realized he was being rather rude gaping at Keichi. "Anou... Sasayaki Rein desu"

"Of course" Keichi looped an arm through Rein's and proceeded to lead him towards the building Rein had been attempting to flee from. "We initially had a girl in mind but when we saw your picture, we knew we had found the perfect person for this. We really didn't think we would find anyone that would perfectly suit the image we were trying to work with. That's why we had the contest to begin with. That way we would be able to cover a wider base of potentials." Keichi continued to ramble on in a similar manner as he led Rein into the building.

Rein chewed his lip as he stared at the dotted black line that he had just signed. He was wondering if he would perhaps come to regret this. As soon as Keichi realized the relevant papers were signed he was back, almost as if by magic. "Now that all the formalities are over lets get you to wardrobe. As I am sure you know you have been contracted for the total of three videos. I hope it won't be terribly inconvenient for you, but if you encounter any problems please be sure to let us know and we will see what we can do about it."

And so the rambling continued not allowing Rein to get a word in edgewise. Not that Rein would have known what to say should he have gotten such an opportunity. It was not long before Rein simply tuned the rambling manager out, retreating once again to his inner thoughts. As he was saying, he couldn't believe he had let Ami talk him into this, however she had promised him, that if he did this she would never bother him to be more 'social' ever again, but was it really worth it?

"Ah... Wardrobe. Here's our angel." Keichi led Rein into a room bustling with people. "We need him on set in 20." That said Keichi rushed out leaving Rein feeling very lonely all of a sudden. It wasn't long before a costume was shoved into his hands and he was pushed into a changing room. "Be out in 5 minutes." A red haired woman commanded before closing the door. Rein heaved a sigh as he took a moment to compose himself. Everything was simply going too quickly.

He contemplated the soft pale pearly material that consisted of the costume he was required to wear. He blushed when he realized that there were no pants. It was a one-piece costume that hung in flowing ripples down to his ankles. He frowned at a few stray pieces attached to the costume that he could not figure out what to do with.

A few minutes into his contemplation a knock could be heard on the changing room door. Come on out honey, we need to still do your hair and makeup. 'Makeup! He was going to wear makeup!' Rein's eyes widened as he groaned softly. Akaru would never let him live this down. What had he let himself in for?

Rein slipped out of the dressing room, stray costume pieces in hand. The red haired woman from earlier smiled at the sight he made. "Here, let me help you." Grabbing the stray pieces she then proceeded to wrap them around his shoulders and waist allowing strands to hand down loosely. "That's better. Come now we only have 13 minutes left". She led him to a chair. As soon as he was seated Rein was attacked from two sides. A man began styling his hair while the redhead began to carefully apply make up. They were done 28 minutes later having chased Keichi out several times by telling him they would be done when they were done.

Rein stared at his reflection in shock. His hair was styled in four small careful braids, two on each side, laced with tiny pale purple, blue and white flowers, meeting at the back of his head. Pearly white and silver glitter and eye shadow had been used to create an intricate design over half his face with subtle lipstick bringing out the natural color of his lips. He looked so 'feminine', he thought in disgust.

Keichi was back dragging Rein out before he could have any more time to breathe. "We were supposed to have started 20 minutes ago. Ingo has been waiting. Come on, hurry up, before we put the schedule behind any further." Keichi paused just before leading Rein on set. He then proceeded to blindfold the very confused boy. "Anou... Kizaku-san?" Rein ventured softly.

"Not to worry Rein. In the first video we are trying to create a feeling of blind trust and I thought it would be more convincing if I actually blind fold you and require you to trust Ingo to lead you around. Its more convincing if it is actually happening, don't you think?"

"Demo... I can't see" Rein whispered.

"That is kind of the point Rein. If you cannot see you will have to carefully trust Ingo not to lead you into anything"


"It will be okay, I promise." Keichi finished with the blindfold. "Now stay here and I will get Ingo, and then we can finally start filming" Keichi left, leaving Rein with a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. Rein clenched his fists at his side, fighting to resist the urge to simply tear the blindfold off and waited in apprehension.

"I'm back." Keichi practically sing-songed, grabbing one of Rein's hands and placing it in Ingo's. Ingo is here. He knows what to do. All you need to do for now is follow his guidance, and no dilly dallying about you two." Keichi left once again.

Intense amber eyes stared at the slight figure before them as Ingo tried to learn more about this individual that had won the contest. He had not been told much. Only that he would be meeting and working with Sasayaki-san that day. The flowing costume and blindfold obscured all points of interest except for the cutest pouty lips and most interesting shade of silken hair handing all the way down to the little ones waist. Little one. The figure was certainly small and slight, almost fragile. "Ohayo Sasayaki-san" (Good-morning) Ingo said in a smooth voice.

"O-O-ha-yo" Rein stammered chewing on his lip in nervousness.

Ingo grinned at this. "I don't bite, little-one"

Rein scowled at the user of 'little-one' but refrained from commenting.

"So..." Ingo leant against the wall still holding the little-one's hand. "You must feel extremely luck to have won this contest, ne?"

Rein scowled further and was about to reply in an attempt to set the arrogant voice straight when a loud voice could be heard... "Aaaaaaand Action!" A beautiful melancholic melody danced along the air.

"Use the rhythm" Ingo whispered before proceeding to lead Rein on. Rein, extremely surprised, stumbled.

"Cut, cut, cut. Let's try that again."

Ingo led Rein back to where they started before they did it again. This occurred several times until Rein was so used to being led along blind folded that it came as rather a surprise when the blind fold was suddenly removed. Rein flinched from the sudden intrusion of sight into a world he had finally grown accustomed to being dark. Blinking in confusion he stared up wide-eyed as he waited for his vision to adjust.

Amber eyes showed similar surprise as they encountered an unexpected sight. Ingo was rather surprised to be suddenly met by two very different confused eyes. One purple, one blue. A smirk appeared on Ingo's face as he recovered from the surprise sooner than the little one did. Unable to resist, Ingo bent down and settled the briefest of kisses upon those rather vulnerable kissable lips.

Rein's eyes widened in shock as his brain finally caught up with current events. Before anyone could move a loud slap resounded through the air. Shock turned to anger as Rein turned around and stormed off.

"Hey!" Ingo called out, rather surprised at the reaction. What had he done wrong? Hadn't the little one entered this contest to meet him? "What's your problem?" Ingo ran after what he now considered to be the little storm cloud. "You can't just leave. We haven't finished filming yet!"

Rein paused his storming off to turn suddenly and hiss back at Ingo. "My problem? My problem?! You're the one that kissed ME!" He was literally fuming.

Ingo frowned in confusion. "And that is a problem because?"

"It's a problem because I had no desire 'whatsoever' so be 'kissed' by someone like 'you'. " Rein spat back highly affronted by this invasion on his personal space by this 'stranger'.

"Why not? Don't you like me?" Ingo was rather taken aback. All his fans liked it if he graced them with a kiss.

"I don't even know who the hell you are!" Rein hollered.

Ingo was now truly shocked, he narrowed his eyes in antagonism. "What are you doing here exactly if you don't know who I am?" He asked carefully.

"None of your bloody business." Rein hissed.

"I'm Ingo." Ingo said arrogantly, expecting that to be enough to explain everything, which on anybody but Rein, would have worked. Rein however had absolutely no idea what this was supposed to mean. "Well, nice to meet you Ingo-san." Rein spat. "I'm sooooo glad you know who you are. Saves a lot of people a lot of trouble, I'm sure."

"I'm a singer." Ingo tried again.

"That's nice. Why don't you sing about this then." Rein kicked him in the shin before turning around and continuing his earlier rampage.

Ingo hissed in pain grabbing at his shin. "Brat" He muttered under his breath before limping after the newly dubbed brat. "You can't just leave like this. We have to finish filming and if you don't come back Kizaku-san is going to place the blame for this little incident at my door!"

"Where it rightly belongs!" Rein called back not turning.

"Come on." Ingo wailed. "Don't be like this. I promise not to do it again! 'Today.' He added under his breath.

"I'm sure you won't!" Rein once again paused to turn and yell. "Because I don't intend to be here!"

"You can't just leave." Ingo said calmly. "It's not how this works"

"Why don't you just watch me? "Rein hissed, turning to march off once again. However a restraining hand was placed on his shoulder. "You signed a contract Sasayaki-san" Keichi intervened pleasantly.

Rein's shoulders slumped in defeat as he turned back, knowing there was no arguing with that. He shuffled back to the set sending death glares in Ingo's direction.

"You should really try not to antagonize everyone Ingo-san" Keichi stepped behind Ingo placing a hand on his shoulder. Ingo sighed, running a hand through his ebony hair. "I wasn't trying to antagonize, Keichi-san. How was I supposed to know she would react like that if I kissed her?"


"Huh?" Ingo looked confused.

"Your she is a he?" Keichi grinned at the classic look on Ingo's face. Whistling nonchalantly he wandered back to the set chuckling at the shock evident on Ingo's face. Oh, what he wouldn't have done to get a snapshot right about now.