Fuck that Sugar And Spice Shit

by Megan Auffart

Fuck the fucker fucking fuck
I guess now I'm out of luck
and every time I wanted
I could scream
they seem
so fake
so fake there's nothing there
fake legs
fake face
and head of hair
all fake
there's nothing in me now
but blood and sinew
bones and waste:
I am easily replaced
I even have the recipe:
Find a girl
and take her spine
and then create some sort of sign
of weakness - fat or bald or scarred
Come up with one,
it's not so hard.
Retarded? No. She must be smart
and make sure that she has a heart
and every single sense must work
to process every daily hurt.
Since her weakness is paraded
she will grow up used and jaded
faded from reality...

And now you know my recipe.