Sometimes, all you need to know
Is that there is someone who cares,
Someone who can empathize with your feelings,
Someone who knows your pain and anguish,
Your anger, your animus feelings.
You are the only one I know
Who's felt this way.
I turn to you now
Because you can tell me
That it will be okay.
You think of me,
Which comforts me greatly
Because it's what I need to know.
For some reason,
Tears found my eyes
When I thanked you.
A hug of comfort was given
That I never wanted to let go.
Through my time of pain,
I know you've been there, too
You're okay;
I will be, too.

Dedicated to a friend who shall remain nameless, but means the world to me because I can relate so wonderfully, possibly horribly because of what this is, to him.