Chapter 3

Something grazed Jen's upper lip. She pushed it away and... Suppressed giggles? Jen sat up and saw her three friends doubled over with laughter.

"What did you guys do?" They all started laughing even harder. Picking up her pillow, Jen whacked her friends, demanding a response. "Come on, what did you do?" She caught Samantha rubbing her upper lip as she laughed. A-ha... Jen burst out of the room and stormed into the bathroom without knocking.

"Hey, what—" Steve got one glimpse of Jen and cracked up. Jen looked into the mirror and realized why everyone was laughing.

"What the hell did you do!" she shrieked. She heard a burst of laughter from down the hall.

Starting to laugh in spite of the mess on her face, Jen began scrubbing furiously at the black marks that her friends had scrawled all over: a handlebar moustache that had slightly smudged when she'd pushed that something (most likely a marker) away, random shapes, and "I love Steve" written on her forehead.

"What happened to you?" Steve asked as he attempted to start shaving where he'd left off. No reply. Steve took another look at Jen's forehead. "That top part true?" Jen glared at him before wiping her face off with a towel.

"Don't flatter yourself, Patterson," she snapped as she left the bathroom, leaving Steve by himself.

Down the hall, Jen shut Ashley's door and turned around to face her friends. "What was that 'I love Steve' thing about?"

"Come on, Jen, can't you see the poor guy fawning all over you?" Kaitlyn asked. Jen looked at their faces intently, trying to find a hint of a practical joke. They were all serious. But Jen spotted a mischievous glint in Ashley's eye.

"All right, Ash. What are you up to?"

"Let me just ask you one thing," Ashley began. "Do you have a boyfriend back home?"

"No..." Jen said slowly. At this, the other three exchanged knowing glances. Then it dawned on Jen. "You guys are not setting me up with Steve. No way. No fucking way." Jen crossed over to her sleeping bag, kicking aside the empty pizza box from last night's sleepover.

"Why not?" Samantha asked. Jen opened her mouth, wanting to reply with a sarcastic remark, but she couldn't think of one. Really, a little voice in her head asked her, why not? Jen closed her eyes, thinking. It wasn't as if he were some disgusting freak—they were about to be seniors, and Steve definitely seemed like he'd outgrown his immaturity.

Jen opened up her eyes and realized that her friends had been watching her intently, waiting for her answer. She let out a deep breath. "All right."

Ashley grinned. "We're going to Six Flags today," she said. "Guess who's coming."

Jen groaned. "Come on, guys, just because I said 'all right' doesn't mean I want to go to spend an whole day with him!"

"Don't worry—did you think we'd let you alone with him the entire time?" Kaitlyn said with a smile. "Anyways, some other guys are coming too," she added. "It'll be fun, we promise."

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