Chapter 1:

I walked out of the school as happy as everyone else was that summer had finally arrived. The exams had been killer and it was such a relief to get out of the boring white classrooms as soon as the bell had rung. I wasn't feeling great about my tests, but I didn't care. The college I was looking into probably wouldn't care about my science and math grades, so I was fine with getting my scores back over the summer.

"Jade!" I turned and waved to where I had heard my best friend's voice. I could see Trish on the other side of a mob of gossiping, freshmen girls. Doubting that there was any way of getting through them, I motioned that I would meet her by my car. I turned back around and bumped into someone who grabbed my shoulders to steady me.

"Oh! Sorry!" I said as I looked into the eyes of my crush.

"Not a problem," Jon said, smiling his beautiful smile, "just realized I left my books in the classroom in my excitement."

I smiled back and said, "Anyone can understand that."

He let go of my shoulders and added, "Maybe we can hang out later this summer", before he smiled again and left.

I reached the car to find Trish waiting for me.

"Well?" She asked. "Any new updates with you and Jon I should know about?"

"I got an almost-date-invite", I said smiling.

"An almost-date-invite? As in he was midsentence of asking you out, choked on a peanut, and left from embarrassment?" I laughed at her morbid sense of humor.

"He just said we should hang out later. That's technically not a date!" I added when I saw Trish's look.

"Okay, think what you want," she said rolling her eyes. "The point is, the school year is over and we need to spend as much time together before I leave. So stop by my house later and we'll stay up all night watching chick fliks!"

"While I am mad at you for leaving me here for the summer while you go to Europe, there is no way I'm gonna miss movie night!" I said happily, "I'll just go home and find some good movies."

When I got home the house was a mess. It looked like my mom had lost something else and gone on a mad hunt that included tearing the house to pieces. On the refrigerator was a note that read 'Gone for weekend –Mom and Dad'. Of course I know that my parents tend to up and leave whenever there's an opportunity at the office, but they could have at least left a more detailed note as to where they were going. Not that it matters I thought.

I ran upstairs, glad to see that my room had been left unscathed. I looked around and found the heavy wooden box I kept all my good DVD's in. The box was old, as anyone could tell from the peeling paint. I always thought the box was beautiful, but I never had anything to use it for, until I realized I no longer had room on the shelf for my movies.

What to bring…I thought, looking at the row of movies. Oh screw it! I picked up the box and lugged it into my car. Before I left the house I called my mom's cell phone, cursing the fact that she wouldn't replace the one I'd broken. I got the machine.

"Hey mom! Don't worry I got your note. I just wanted to let you know that I'll be at Trish's house tonight, so you'll know where to reach me in case anything happens. See you when you get home!" I hung up the phone and went back out to my car.

I decided to stop at a store to pick up some good movie snacks. On the way there, a black Lexus cut me off and had to swerve to avoid a bicyclist, who fell anyway. The Lexus continued down the road, running several other cars off the road in the process. Appalled, I pulled into the parking lot, got out and ran to the fallen woman.

Other than being a little shaken up the woman was fine and continued her bike ride. I picked up the snack foods and got back in my car. As I was turning into Trish's neighborhood, the black Lexus came speeding out of it, leaving tire marks where it turned. I just thought that the driver was a drunk, rebellious teen who wanted to see how much damage he could cause…. I was so wrong.

After I pulled into the driveway, I let myself in the house.

"Hey Trish!" I said, struggling under the weight of the DVD's and snacks. "Can you come down and give me a hand with the goods?" There was no answer. Must be in the shower I thought. I made my way up to her room and put my stuff on a table outside the door.

"Trish?" I said knocking on the door. When there was still no answer I opened the door.

"Trish!" I screamed. Trish was lying motionless on the floor, blood was gathering from a large gash on her forehead. I rushed to her side, saying her name over and over again, shaking her so she'd wake up.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and grabbed my arm weakly. "Don't go home" she whispered urgently, before she passed out in my arms.