a/n: hmm...well it's been quite a bit of time since I last 'updated' or whatever you might call this. This is actually for a couple of people.

Hidden, so locked away
You hold so many things
Which you never say

You don't have to tell me
Yes, this is true
But whenever you're
Ready I am here for you

I want to be the
Best person I can be
And maybe one day
You'll confide in me

Like you, I am not good
At expressing how I feel
Therefore these feelings
I can't help but conceal

Maybe it's too soon
And only time will tell
Those hidden feelings
Will soon be revealed

I wish to free you
Of all the suppressed feelings
That you feel
But I guess that this wish
Will never be real

I really care for you
Maybe one day this you'll see
And maybe one day
You'll actually allow me