Anyone can be a father
It takes a real man to be a dad
A "sorry" won't cut it anymore
You ruined all the chances you had

Every tear I cried, was because of you
Screaming at me never solved a thing
All it did was make my stomach turn
And cause me a lot more pain

I know you do love me
By the look in your eyes when I cry
But if you care, then why must you yell?
Every night I lay in bed, wondering why

I'm not the best kid ever
But I try my hardest to be
I make some mistakes sometimes
That's still no reason to scream at me

It's worse than getting hit
It goes right to your heart
You start to think that your a bad kid
And it slowly tears your world apart

I know I'm not the world's best daughter
But your definately not the world's best dad
All I ever wanted was to be a "daddy's girl"
But that's a title I never had.

A/N: This is probably one of my earlier poems. Most of you, who know me and read this, and know my dad know how things have gone. now i've just stopped caring what he thinks about me because he doesn't even know me.