Author's Notes: My other story (*Insert Title Here*) was sort of bad... I am going to
modify that one so that it is improved.
-Joel Dao-Zi Kh'as

American Expansion

By: Joel Hudson

Once upon a time, our nation had a vision. That vision was that someday,
America would expand to the stars, and that the American frontier would be limitless.
Well, I'm here to tell you that wasn't exactly how it happened. Yeah, we tried to
establish colonies on the moon, and they succeeded. For a while. For that short period of
time, the moon still looked somewhat the same, for they hadn't put colonies on the
surface of the moon, but had constructed them inside. For a while, they did alright.
Unfortunately, they didn't think that the moon still had a liquid mantle, etc. It did. The
molten rock destroyed the entire colony, for it flowed upward and outward. Almost none
survived but those outside. Sure, they tried to make other colonies on the moon, because
they didn't want to give up the moon so easily. Unfortunately, the colonies always failed.
Whether it resulted from a gas explosion or from some people who went crazy because of
the closed in spaces, (And shouldn't have gone to the colonies...) and hijacked the escape
pods and crashed into the main door/shield of the colony, therefore breaching the integrity
of the colony. Eventually, they gave up on the moon and tried Mars.

They had a bit more success with Mars than they had with the Moon. Mars had a
more dense atmosphere, and therefore they could try to terraform it. In fact, the
terraforming project was a success. What they didn't count on was that the bacteria that
was in some of the rock had not died, but had created spore-shields around themselves.
Bacteria can last for millenia, maybe even eons, in that state and can withstand extreme
temperatures. As you probably have already guessed, the bacteria 'woke up' and when
people started to build underground transportation, etc., the workers always seemed
anemic and tired, and the colonists assumed it was just beacause of the work. They
seemed to get better after a while, but they started acting strangely afterwards. (Later
study on the corpses of the people showed that the bacteria I had mentioned before had
actually gotten into their spinal cord, and was controlloing their muscle movements,
metabolic processes, etc.) And before you think that the colonists who were infected
were turned into evil, meat-eating zombies, think again. Actually, the 'bacteria' was all
that was left of an ancient race on Mars, which had almost died out when all the water
was destroyed by a giant meteor crashing into their oceans, vaporizing all their water and
killing all their plants. Seeing as they could not escape the planet, for they never felt any
need to research space travel, their only way of 'escape' was, before the meteor hit, to
genetically engineer some of their cells, which they put into the rock strata of their planet
before the meteor hit. These cells, if life ever came back to Mars and could return it to its
original state, would temporarily control some of their bodies and tell their story, which
the infected colonists did, shortly after. The colonial officials didn't want this ancient life
form to die out, so they cloned the colonists who were infected, and the microbal-extra
terrestrials were given these bodies. Within a few generations, they had mutated the
bodies to their original appearance. However, an extremely unfortunate occurance
happened. One of the colonists contaminated the vats in which they kept their genetically
altered yeast. This yeast was then put in one of the processing units, which made it look
and taste like the food it was supposed to be. However, when the food got out, hundereds
of people died of the poison. Some radicals who didn't trust their alien neighbors said
that they had poisoned the yeast supply, which of course was false, for it was actually the
leader of the radicals, who called themselves the Friends of Mankind, who poisoned it to
try to turn the colonists against the aliens...

*End Of Part One*