For Thee, My Sweet Dragoness Love...

My feelings for you shine with a fierce intensity
Like sunbeams off veteran knight's dinted armour
All-consuming in its immensity
My new magickal twist of karma
Mere words wrought by man, cannot barest brush how you make me feel
Beyond shimmering stars and shinning moon
With flaring graceful art, you stole my heart
Now filled with you're love is that old wound
We are the balance, the morning and the night
The dusk and the dawn
The shadow and the light
The mist upon the lawn
I love the way you're hair looks, when it's loose and down
I love the way you're eyes light up when you smile
I love to press into you're chest, and realising it's mine making that sound!
I love to kiss you in our own secret style!
By now I'm really nervous, my sweet
I'm expressing it best way I know, it's true
I don't know if I'll keep
My trembling feet
As I say, by the Goddess, sweet She-Dragon!
I Love You!