Leave the signs in the middle
With the days I am in
The things done,
By the ones I love,
How small they may seem,
Do count for everything…

Lone in the miseries of life
Teased too easily
With the taste of trying love,
I am never to show
What we will lose or deny,
Those everlasting lies,
Never let me go…

..I always knew what to do,
Now I am getting by,
So much older, much too fast,
I do not seem to understand,
Where the old folks went,
ForI am still hurting from the past…

Is the green rocky road
Bringing me down?
While waiting for words,
Along the riverside,
I am humming a lullaby,
To watch me go
Into the water,
To cleanse my soul?

Tomorrow's dawn is sliding
Today's fate into yesterday's haze:
Strained to see the smoke from my mind
For only gunned magic I find,
Loaded in my left hand,
Leading me through undestined sighs,
The ones I already said…

Am I to give the love?
To give the love that is only mine.
Will I remember the way to choose?
In the black skied highs?

And will I come near,
To become someone,
One you will feel,
A bit of a stranger,
To my unsung dreams,
I think I AM,
Although crazy,

So clear…