Rain fell down
Soaked my gown
Ran around town
Looking for an umbrella.

Rain battered my head
And I listened with dread
Before I met
You with an umbrella.

Rain fell on top
Fell with a plop
Together we hop
Under the umbrella.

Rain felt light
With you on my right
The cold didn't bite
With us beneath the umbrella.

We reached the fork along the road
And I didn't feel quite so bold
Because my story told
Of me without your umbrella.

But someday we'll meet
For I'll steer my feet
Along the street
And look for your umbrella.

Together we'll stroll
The clouds will roll
The world will behold
Us, without the open umbrella.

A sequel will come
A story with none
But us in the sun
Holding the dripping umbrella.